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3Cinteractive®, L.L.C. provides integrated mobile software and services that help businesses communicate with consumers on their mobile device. Our mobile business solutions improve efficiencies by extending operational and CRM processes to the mobile channel.

3Ci’s cloud-based mobile platform – Switchblade™ – allows businesses to deliver a rich consumer experience on any mobile device or carrier, using integrated mobile technologies such as messaging, voice, mWeb and smartphone apps. And our XaaS services suite makes it easy for businesses to deploy and maintain effective mobile business solutions.

3Cinteractive processes billions of mobile transactions per year – supporting mission critical business processes for clients across industries. 3Ci is an active member of the CTIA and Mobile Marketing Association and is listed as one of the top ASPs by the Common Short Code Administration.



3Cinteractive®, L.L.C.

Company Name: 3Cinteractive, L.L.C.
Company Logo: 3Cinteractive logo
Company Type: Private
Foundation: 2005
Location: Boca Raton, Florida, USA (corporate headquarters)
Branches: Montevideo, Uruguay
Key People: John Duffy, CEO, Mike FitzGibbon, President, Mark Smith, COO
Number of Employees: 92 (2011)
Homepage: www.3Cinteractive.com
Telephone: 1.561.443.5505
Toll-Free: 1.886.443.5505


Switchblade® is 3Cinteractive's mobile technology and services platform. Switchblade's mobile applications and extensible interfaces were designed to make it easy for organizations to deploy mobile communications within their business using short message service (SMS), multimedia message service (MMS), wireless application protocol (WAP), interactive voice response (IVR), and mobile web (mWeb).


The Switchblade™ platform is comprised of a powerful technology stack. Robust messaging, voice and mobile web engines form the core of the platform and power 3Ci’s mobile communication solutions. Sophisticated intelligence and application layers sit on top of these engines and turn simple mobile communications into rich interactive experiences for consumers. Finally, a versatile interface layer provides clients with a variety of ways to access the platform and easily integrate mobile communications into their businesses.

  • Enterprise-Grade Platform
  • High-Throughput Messaging
  • High-Availability Infrastructure
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Immediate Standardization Across Carriers and Devices
  • Suite of APIs to seamlessly integrate into third-party systems and databases
  • Blended communication methods such as messaging, voice, mWeb and smartphone apps
  • Geographically–Diverse Data Centers

XaaS Suite

3Ci’s expertise in the mobile domain is unparalleled. Our customers experience this expertise through a suite of services we call Xpertise-as-a-Service (XaaS). XaaS takes the pain out of creating a fully realized mobile business solution by guiding the entire process—from developing and deploying effective mobile business solutions, to providing unparalleled technical support.

  • Short Code Procurement and Activation
  • Carrier Provisioning and Compliance
  • Campaign Management
  • Solution Engineering
  • Project Management and Implementation
  • 24/7 Client Services and Technical Support
  • Mobile Strategy

Awards and Recognition

Industry Memberships

  • US Common Short Code Administration (CSCA)
  • CTIA - The Wireless Association (CTIA)
  • Mobile Marketing Association (MMA)
  • South Florida Interactive Marketing Association (SFIMA)
  • South Florida Technology Alliance (SFTA)