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Adenyo is a mobile marketing software company that provides brands, agencies and operators with scalable software products and professional consultancy services to execute mobile campaigns. The company headquarters are in Toronto, Canada, with bases in Montreal, Ottawa, New York City, Santa Monica, Phoenix, Paris and Aix-en-Provence. Adenyo’s mobile solutions portfolio includes: Mobile Advertising, Mobile Messaging, Mobile Websites and Applications, and Predictive Analytics.



Adenyo was founded in 2005, as a holding company with six mobile marketing technology and service locations in Toronto, Montreal and Paris. These separate companies included a mobile ad serving platform, a mobile payments business, a mobile couponing business, a mobile application development business, and a traditional marketing and design services company and a predictive analytics company.

The mobile marketing companies came together with US$26.9M in financing as a new consolidated brand - Adenyo; a US$17.2 million institutional round led by Genuity Capital Markets and US$9.7 million in private placements since July 2009.[1]

In May of 2010 Adenyo acquired Movoxx, a mobile advertising company that places short, interactive ads under opt-in SMS, App, and mobile web content. [2]

In June of 2010 Adenyo acquired intellectual property, software assets and a specialized business unit from KinetX, an aerospace engineering consulting and contracting company. The acquisition aided in the company’s product development efforts in the areas of predictive consumer analytics, on-demand consumer and market intelligence, and real-time shaping of the mobile user experience.[3]

Products and Services

Mobile Advertising

Adenyo Ad Manager: Mobile advertising solution that enables the delivery of mobile advertisements Adenyo Ad Network: Adenyo has a mobile advertising network that reaches over 53 Million unique impressions a month, with placement in an array of publishers that provide entertainment, weather, travel, social, search and multi-cultural content.

Mobile Messaging

Adenyo Campaign Manager: Provides targeted and permission based alerts, offerns promotions and coupons to mobile customers, while building customer lists and measuring engagement. Includes location-based SMS messaging with data segmentation support.

Gateway: Provides direct connections to wireless carriers in Canada and Europe. Carrier-grade connectivity for standard and premium messaging. Alternative payment solutions through carrier direct billing world wide

Mobile Web and Applications

Adenyo Designer: Provides the tools to develop mobile websites through a drag-and-drop interface.

Adenyo Storefront: Hosted and fully managed web & mobile storefront platform. Robust content management system for mobile content. Digital rights & catalogue management, content distribution, and billing options

Predictive Analytics

Adenyo Insights: Provides customers with profiling, segmenting and targeting tools, and customer data analysis and modeling.

Adenyo Segments: Segments consumers based on a variety of attributes such as demographics, spending patterns, and lifestyle preferences.

Adenyo Attributes: Consumer intelligence database containing over 10,000 attributes, and integrates multiple data sources.

Adenyo Predictions: Uses predictive analytics technology that analyzes existing customers to predict those mostly likely to become future customers,


Adenyo works with brands, agencies and mobile operators when approaching mobile marketing solutions.


Automotive: Volkswagen, Land Rover, Ford Flex, Infiniti, Mazda, Jeep Dodge

Entertainment: Warner Brothers, ESPN, Paramount, Alliance, Lionsgate, Showtime

Retail : Sears, Best Buy, Ikea, L’Oreal

Travel: United Airlines, Air Canada, Air France, W Hotels


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