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== Who We Are ==

Atlas Telecom Mobile is an international mobile messaging solutions provider that has been designing state-of-the-art, turn-key solutions since 1995. Decades of experience helps us execute compelling and effective multi-channel campaigns to maximize ROI for our customers' marketing dollars. Agencies and brands can reach and engage consumers via SMS, targeted mobile advertising, and mobile alerts. Atlas creates innovative SMS mobile marketing campaigns for many major media companies and brands.

== What We Offer ==

Atlas covers the entire media value chain, offering a comprehensive portfolio of tools and services to Businesses, Content Owners, Brand Owners, Telcos, Websites and Media Companies. Our International footprint, which comprises over 500 Wireless Carriers' Networks, coupled with our cutting edge integrated messaging platform enables our customers to be at the forefront of mobile marketing innovation.

Atlas's messaging platform supports Premium and Standard rate SMS/MMS, 2-way batch messaging, mobile ad serving, text to IVR/Voice/Web/TV/Signage and Web to text/IVR and Real-Time Reporting. In addition to these services, we also offer professional services for mobile strategy consulting, mobile service management, custom integration support and mobile application design and development.

24/7 support and a professional service team offer you:

   * Targeted mobile advertising / marketing (voting, chat, quizzes, contests and more) 
   * Mobile alerts
   * Integrated media solutions
   * Mobile web sites (WAP pages)
   * Mobile content platform (CMS)
   * SMSC / Gateway
   * Ability to reach the largest possible portion of your mobile audience

In a nutshell ... if your company is seeking to design a competitive mobile marketing campaign that will give you bang for your buck, you want to contact us to discuss your opportunities.

Our headquarters are located in the heart of downtown Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Visit our website for more information: Atlas Telecom Mobile


Contact our sales team at: 514-223-7298

Daniel Martin - President
Ghislain Dallaire - Vice-President / Business Development
Carine Masse - Marketing Director

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