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'Augme Mobile’s AD LIFE™' is the first complete web based mobile response solution, enabling on-demand mobile interaction between wireless consumers and traditional marketing media. AD LIFE™ integrates all of the necessary technologies required to create, manage and track effective mobile response campaigns using SMS, 2D Codes, Image and Audio recognition. Augme Mobile can provide access to over 65 million consumer records by mobile phone number.


AD LIFE offers a simple web interface to create and manage multiple types of mobile Consumer Response Tags (CRTs) that allow consumers to instantly connect and interact with traditional media via their mobile phone.


Types of Consumer Response Tags


Enables the creation of multitree keyword campaigns that instantly connect text messaging consumers to digital mobile content. Turnkey SMS applications for voting, trivia, sweepstakes and more will be made available in 2009. With over 195 million SMS users in the U.S. SMS tags provide a widely adopted way to deliver content to the consumer.

2D Barcode

Enables the creation and delivery of 2D barcodes that connect consumers directly to digital content through their camera phone. The AD LIFESM platform supports multiple codes, including the QR and Data Matrix code, offering 2D barcode readers via the mobile web. Other proprietary codes are available upon request. Augme Mobile is partnered with the top global providers of handset readers with a cumulative worldwide consumer base of over 200 million downloaded or on-board readers. Augme Mobile supports more code types and handset readers than any other provider, and offers reader download functions via a mobile web site. Reader download sites may be white labeled for brand and agency clients.

Image Recognition

AD LIFE enables brand logos or other designated images to become interactive via the camera in mobile phones. Consumers interact by snapping and then sending the picture via MMS or mobile email. Uploading images of either print ads or packaging brands results in immediate delivery of digital content to mobile consumers.

Audio Recognition

Augme Mobile provides the only solution of its kind in which brands can connect consumers to television or radio advertisements to deliver digital content using Shazam’s popular mobile recognition client. Originally built for music identification, Shazam’s service is used by over 5 million iPhone and Android consumers who identify 1.2 million songs per day. Shazam is also available on deck with ATT and Verizon and will be deployed in March on the Blackberry App Store.

Tag Management Functions

Creation, Assignment, and Link to Content

Using a powerful client and campaign management structure, agencies and/or brands can manage multiple campaigns and tags with ease. Tags are quickly created and assigned to any media type, and easily linked to a mobile web site, rich media content, or a variety of other mobile content available through the portal. Tag destinations may also be modified within the AD LIFESM platform, providing flexibility to change the content delivered at anytime during a campaign.

Verizon Handset Compatibility

Many older Verizon handsets do not allow a consumer to click through a URL provided via SMS. The AD LIFESM platform enables agencies and brands to create alternative workflows for older Verizon handset when creating SMS tags. If a Verizon handset is detected, AD LIFESM gives brands the power to deliver multimedia via MMS or alternative SMS instructions on how to participate in any given program.

Turnkey Products

Social Connect

Using Facebook and Twitter API’s, the agency or brand can extend the reach of a simple consumer interaction as CRTs accessed by consumers will be displayed on their social network news feed. Example: After a consumer responds to a text message callout on a Times Square Billboard “Brand X Mobile Sweepstakes Campaign”, a news feed item display on Facebook that reads “John Smith just entered the Brand X Mobile Sweepstakes”. The CRT could then be made available for access by everyone in the consumers social network, expanding the reach of the campaign.

Physical World Bookmark

Physimark™ is a simple yet powerful turnkey way to extend the reach of AD LIFESM powered marketing campaigns. The Physimark™ feature allows a consumer to respond on impulse to a tag, and digitally bookmark the link for easy access online rather than exclusively through the mobile phone. The first time a consumer interacts with a Physimark™ a text message is immediately sent back to the phone where the consumer is given a Physimark™ account with instructions on how to access the Physimark™ online at anytime. Within the Physimark™ online account, the consumer will receive more information about the brand or offer directly from the advertiser. Each Physimark™ requires only two things from a client: The keyword for the Physimark™ (TEXT AM to 87415) and a PC based URL relevant to the brand or offer. With Physimark™, the complete mobile web experience is complementary but not required.


The AD LIFE Mobile Content Delivery System allows content providers to deliver dynamic digital content to mobile phone subscribers in the United States and Worldwide. Augme Mobile provides both self and professional service options to provide consumers with robust mobile web/mini-sites along with advanced content delivery module for mobile multimedia creation and delivery.

Mobile Site Creation

The AD LIFE provides agencies and brands a robust, integrated site builder tool easily create a dynamic mobile web experience for the consumer. Ad agents or brand managers can use the site builder on their own, or at their option Augme’s professional services team will supplement the development of mobile web sites. Regardless of how the site is created, sophisticated device detection capabilities ensure content is delivered and formatted to provide the proper consumer experience.

Through the web-based AD Life administration interface, mobile sites are built using various tool features that can:

• Incorporate logos and images • Incorporate content manually or via RSS feeds • Show article abstracts for RSS based articles • Allow users to save RSS based articles • Add Mobile pages • Brand Mobile pages • Link to internal or external sites/pages • Prompt users to enter their mobile telephone numbers or e-mail addresses • Allow users to virally send site URL via SMS • Monitor active sites Upload and Delivery of Rich Media

The AD LIFE Media library provides agencies and brands a warehouse to store and recall media instantly for mobile delivery at the click of a few buttons. Using sophisticated device detection capabilities, Augme delivers the appropriate content format for the specific handset and supports practically all mobile entertainment content types. The platform distributes promotional videos, music, ringtones, voice tones, wallpapers, animated screensavers, games, and more.

VuClip Technology

Powered by Vuclip's proprietary delivery technology, users with WAP-enabled multimedia mobile phones can search for and watch Internet videos in real-time. Our solution consists of a robust transcoding engine and a flexible video delivery mechanism that enables users to watch videos in various viewing modes optimized for their individual mobile device. The end user service includes an easy to use video search engine, a video viewing cockpit and a variety of personalization applications to keep users coming back.

• Millions of videos delivered to mobile phones every month • Users in more than 130 countries • Over 2,000 mobile devices supported

One of the key differentiators of the Vuclip solution is a scalable architecture capable of large scale, real time transcoding and delivery of rich media content that dynamically optimizes the video streaming to the size of the video clip, the display screen size and the bandwidth of the carrier channel. This minimizes initial viewing latency, makes optimal usage of lower bandwidth connections and dramatically reduces the need for massive storage and energy costs typically associated with pre-encoded solutions. Our proprietary, on-the-fly transcoding approach also enables us to rapidly add new handsets (like the iPhone) to our service as they come on the market.


Using data and analysis gathered and processed with proprietary techniques, Augme Mobile provides key metrics and results of client campaigns including 1st and 3rd party geographic, demographic and behavioral data. Through a third party provider, Augme can also provide access to over 65 million consumer data profile records based on mobile phone numbers captured during any campaign. Response Tracking

The AD LIFESM analytics response dashboard allows for easy to view real-time, daily, weekly and monthly tracking of campaigns. All tags may be tracked to a tactical element to bring deep visibility to the effectiveness of the advertising media, allowing the agency metrics to measure effectiveness of the media (Magazine A vs. Magazine B vs. Outdoor A etc). In addition, using robust device tracking techniques AD LIFESM provides long term data gathering capabilities by appending demographic and behavior statistics on individuals, thus providing deep consumer profiling and behavior analysis within and across brand campaigns. 3rd Party Consumer Data Through multiple data partnerships, Augme Mobile can deliver up to 200 consumer selects for 65 million US Mobile phone numbers. Data elements include geographic, demographic, lifestyle and behavior.

Mobile Web Page Analytics

Brands will have analytics access to all sites created in the AD LIFE Mobile Web Builder Tool. Popular pages, handset types and carrier information are just a few of the many reports available upon request. Augme Mobile is working to provide enhanced reporting for mobile pages through a new partner - Ring Leader Digital. RLD will provide its Media Stamp technology to the AD LIFESM platform early in Q2 2009 for use in page tracking and analytics for mobile web.

Geographic, Demographic and Behavioral Targeting

Augme Mobile has exclusive, fully paid, perpetual and irrevocable licenses to use, including the rights to sublicense, Modavox, Inc. Patent No. 6,594,691 and Patent No. 7,269,636 with respect to the business of providing mobile interactive services, including SMS, MMS, targeted mobile ad delivery and 2D/QR barcode publishing and management directly to Internet and Mobile Internet Destinations. While Augme Mobile’s AD LIFE 2.0 platform solves many of the inherent barriers that exist in mobile consumer interaction, its greater long-term value proposition lies in its ability to track and make use of analytics across campaigns to better target consumer advertising and promotions. The Augme Mobile AD LIFE 3.0 platform will ultimately make use of granular visibility into mobile consumer. AD LIFE 3.0 will contain a robust logic engine that will use interaction data including demographic, geographic and behavioral to uniquely target specific content to consumers via the mobile phone.


For many advertisers who don’t have the time or the expertise to navigate this space, great entertainment content and promotion services for incorporation into promotions and offers are just a click away. Augme Mobile has partnered with leading companies to provide brands and agencies music, videos, coupons, and rebate programs that bring in instant value to the consumer.

Ad+Rebates™ Powered by Inmar

Inmar is the largest coupon and rebate clearer worldwide. By combining traditional coupon and rebate expertise with Augme Mobile’s unique mobile platform, we are able to deliver the first of its kind mobile in-pack rebate, which is instantly redeemable by consumers anywhere and anytime using their mobile phone.

Ad+Coupons™ Powered by Inmar, News America Marketing, Instasave and m-Dot

With many point of sale barriers that exist in mobile couponing both News America and Instasave have partnered with top national retailers, to enable consumers to instantly deliver a coupon directly their shopper loyalty card. With a national retailer reach, AD COUPONS can deliver effective mobile couponing solutions for your brand.

Ad+Music™ Powered by Focus Right Marketing FRM’s music catalog includes more than 3 million songs from all four major record labels (Sony/BMG, Universal, EMI and Warner), as well as some of the largest independent distributors (Orchard, IODA and CD Baby). All music content has been approved and pre-licensed for delivery by brands to consumers via mobile significantly reducing campaign execution barriers.

Ad+Lifestyle Video™ Powered by AnswersTV

AnswersTV's lifestyle programming currently includes Health, Food, Magic, Wine, Pet, Jewelry and Automotive programming. This broad line-up of clearly focused video educates, informs, engages and entertains highly targeted audiences – on demand(See Appendix for library). Video is delivered by VuClip’s content distribution network (see Augme Mobile Content Formatting for details)

Ad+Samples Powered by Inmar and News America

Ad+Samples is an effective turnkey solution to drive product samples via a mobile phone. Using Ad+Samples, consumers can opt-in to receive sample coupons and offers increasing the effectiveness of your program. Ad+Samples provides an opportunity brands to reduce program waste while enabling a one to one dialogue to measure the consumer’s reaction to new products. Augme Mobile offers brands both coupon samples and product sample options via Inmar and News America’s fulfillment services.

Effective Promotion Logistics

Augme Mobile has recently enhanced its partnership with Inmar to advance its consumer promotions and logistics services. Inmar is the leader in providing technology-driven logistics management solutions to retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers in the consumer goods and healthcare markets. The Inmar family of companies includes CLS, Carolina Supply Chain Services, CLS MedTurn, CMS, Carolina Services, VSI Targeting, Winston Data and Stratapult.

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