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Address: 747 3rd Avenue, 7th floor New York, NY 10017

Website: BBC Website

Joy Chilowicz

VP Digital Advertising Sales

Phone : 212-705-9423

Email : General Sales inquiries

About is the largest and most respected news source in the world with over 7,000 journalists, 70 international bureaus and content offered in 33 different languages. We deliver over 7.5 million affluent, educated and influential users each month in the U.S. and over 50 million worldwide.

Our audience is extremely loyal and an overwhelming majority of our users do not go to other news websites. Reader and advertiser experience is paramount; this is illustrated by the fact that BBC never has more than two ads per page. The result of this uncluttered environment is higher than average user engagement/click-thru and messaging retention.

The BBC has been providing unrivalled, award-winning news and sports coverage on BBC Mobile since 1999. Across text, photos, audio and video, BBC mobile delivers an information-hungry, on-the-move audience like no other media can.


  • accepts both GIF and JPEG file formats for mobile creatives.
  • Ad sizes accepted: 300x50, 216x36, 168x28, 120x20, text only
  • Max file sizes: 4kb (1kb for 120x20)

Advertiser Benefits

1) 24/7 Access To Your Audience: BBC Mobile users are not bound by using the technology at work or at home.

2) High Level Of Engagement: BBC Mobile has the ability to deliver its users your message in the palm of their hand.

3) Exposure That Delivers Results: Mobile has proven to deliver higher brand awareness and an increase in CTRs.


Breaking News can target by country, platform (ex. iPhone) and by carrier (ex. AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, etc.)


Mobile Traffic on

70 Million Page Views/Month

  • US & Canada - 36,057,684
  • Africa - 17,223,160
  • Europe - 5,930,011
  • Asia Pacific - 6,490,982
  • GCC - 1,286,788
  • Caribbean - 422,408
  • Latin America- 270,700
  • Levant - 376,783
  • N Africa - 145,353
  • Middle East - 72,084
  • Other - 1,222,750

Grand Total - 69,498,703

Source: Doubleclick DART for Publishers, September 2009

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