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Bash! Interactive/OOH

Bash! Interactive and Bash! OOH (Out Of Home) are subsidiaries of Bash! Corp. and is an interactive out of home technology company specializing in cutting edge digital-interactive/mobile/social media products and solutions powered through custom cutting edge technology like Holographic/3D Lcd's. Interactive Windows, Custom Multi-Platform Kiosks, Gesture Engagement, the use of mobile/social media/projections/streaming/rich web applications/events and more in the marketing/advertising spaces.


Bash! has over 7 years of collaborative experience in the custom hardware/software/marketing fields and has combined efforts as a team with unique and innovative approaches to interactive /out of home and turn-key custom advertising and marketing campaigns, strategies and services.

Bash! Management teams are seasoned veterans from other companies in similar fields and are using their innovative ideas for various media agencies and brands in North America through various campaigns.

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