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Partner for Global – Secure – Reliable – Carrier-Grade Mobile Messaging

Bulletin.net is a developer and supplier of products and services in the rapidly growing global market for messaging (SMS Text, IM, MMS and Email) between computer or web applications and mobile phones or devices. Products & Services

Products offered by the company include:

   * SMS Text Messaging from PC’s, Email and the Web to Mobile Phones
   * Email on mobile phones
   * Corporate Communications, CRM and Server alerts
   * Mobile Marketing
   * Short-code and premium messaging.
   * Applications connectivity, API’s and SDK’s.

Product features include:

   * Superior performance features and benefits that address our customers mobile messaging needs
   * Global, carrier-grade, secure and reliable service.
   * Easy to set-up and Easy to operate
   * Deliver the optimum in performance and cost efficiency

The company also provides our products and services to suppliers in the mobile messaging services industry in branded or white-label tailored versions suitable to meet their business requirements. The Company

Bulletin.net was founded in 1997 and now operates globally with offices established in:

   * United States of America 
   * United Kingdom
   * Australia
   * New Zealand
   * China & Hong Kong
   * The Philippines
   * Brazil

Bulletin also provides a global SMS Gateway which enables mobile messages to be delivered from anywhere to anywhere around the world. This connectivity to the mobile wireless network, which is operated through a series of business partnerships, provides our clients with a complete end-to-end mobile messaging service and worldwide coverage.

Bulletin’s focus is on delivering a Global, Carrier-Grade, Secure and Reliable Service. All our products and services are offered through SaaS model and therefore do not require software downloads and maintenance. We have a worldwide robust platform with direct operator connections and 10 years of consistent development to ensure our clients have a service the can rely upon.

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