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About Celtra

Celtra is a Software-as-a-Service mobile technology and marketing platform that enables brands and agencies to engage customers and fans on their cell phones. Celtra’s platform gives users direct access to wireless carriers’ networks and pre-provisioned programs on dedicated or shared short codes, and supports Voice-IVR, SMS, MMS and WAP Push technology. The company is based in Cambridge, Mass.

Celtra’s easy-to-use platform is a one-stop-shop that can integrate mobile features into rich media widgets, online banners, and web properties, while enabling flexible campaign management and data tracking via Omniture’s Site Catalyst.


Many mobile platforms on the market offer mobile club functions, but none offer the sheer depth and breadth of Celtra’s online integration capabilities. Simply put, Celtra’s platform is much more powerful and flexible than anything currently on the market.

Service Overview

Celtra’s platform service consists of the four major components:

*Interactive widget and banner creation tools along with a content management system

*Fully customizable mobile marketing applications

       -Mobile club (SMS, MMS, WAP push, Voice-IVR, Location based services, CRM features)
       -Multimedia downloads (audio, photo, video)
       -Voice comments (user generated content)
       -Automated personalized call campaigns
       -Mobile coupons (SMS, QR and Bar codes)
       -Mobile Sweepstakes (data collection)
       -Mobile Trivia

*Campaign distribution dashboard (allows for multi-channel campaign distribution and promotion)

*Campaign tracking and analytics dashboard -Omniture SiteCatalyst

Diagram:Celtra platform enables integrated marketing campaigns, allowing agencies to launch multi-channel mobile marketing initiatives. Celtra3.png

Mobile Marketing Platform

Celtra’s platform was designed for comprehensive integrated marketing, not just simple mobile clubs. However, it is simple to use. Drag-and-drop functionality makes managing a campaign, adding features, and layering features on top of each other very simple.

Here is an example of the set up of a layered function: when a user downloads something from the widget or banner, he or she will be prompted to join a mobile club. Functions literally connect to each other on-screen, making the user experience simple to manage. Set-up can be completed in minutes and all alerts and SMS/MMS/WAP push messaging can be managed for the campaign right here.


The real benefit of the platform is the ease of managing mobile functions across a variety of media – widgets, web pages, mobile web pages, and online banners – from one central location. If a new content becomes available, it can be distributed to all media simply and easily on Celtra’s platform.

Minimal Flash programming is required for the one-time creative set up of the widget or banner – artwork can be uploaded into the widget creator and integrated in very little time. An interactive agency will certainly have the expertise to master the set-up of the campaign with little training. Of course, Celtra offers these set-up services also, but the platform is designed to make it easy and cost-effective.

Project Examples

Fully functional prototypes can be found here: Prototypes

Hennessey Artistry

Hennessey Artistry is a concert series hosted by The Roots that ran in five major US cities. The campaign launched in late August and is comprised of banner ads, a viral widget and a mobile club.

Banner adsCeltra4.png

Try the live version of this banner here.

Expandable banner ads raise campaign awareness and rollover functions play a teaser video, which is downloadable.


Widget has the sweepstakes call-to-action, mobile club opt-in, rich media downloads of content, and dynamic pages to update as the concert series progresses

Geographically targeted mobile club

Opt-ins to the mobile club will automatically segment users by geography, allowing the campaign manager to send out customized messages and content to those users in relevant geographies.

See the full widget counterpart to this banner here.

Case Studies

What Happens in Vegas - movie promotion, for 20th Century Fox

Case vegas.jpg

Two widgets “Night Recreator” and “Wingman” created an excitement about the movie by providing an entertaining and movie relevant user experience. Widget users could personalize and send Ashton Kutcher’s phone calls to their friends to recreate a “wild night out” or to send a “wingman” advice during the party, dating or any other situation.

During the first four weeks of the campaign users’ personalized and sent over 50,000 phone calls and posted over 12,000 “Vegas” widgets to their personal social networking profiles on Facebook, MySpace and other communities. Viral spread generated 200,000 widget impressions. Sex and the City - movie promotion, for New Line Cinema

Case satc.gif

Mobile marketing campaign promoted Sex and the City DVD release. Its objective was to inform fans about the release and influence them to purchase the movie.

The widget promoting SMS tips from Carrie Bradshaw had an enormous conversion rate of 33% (percent of widget views that generated a user subscription).

Tropic Thunder - Booty Sweat movie promotion, for Paramount Pictures

Case booty.jpg

Viral video was synchronized with a personalized call-out feature by the starring actor.

Campaign was designed to create a viral buzz about the movie while encouraging users to sample the “fake” drink from the movie, “Booty Sweat”, which became a real product, available in stores. This campaign generated over 15,000 sent calls.

Contact Us

New York, New York

Tom Anderson

Director of Sales



Cambridge Massachusetts

Miha Mikek

Founder and CEO


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