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In January 2008, ChaCha introduced its free mobile answers service, which leverages human guides to provide answers, for free, to any question, anytime, anywhere. Users don’t need a Web-enabled phone, special browsers or codes to search the Internet, and ChaCha answers go far beyond directory assistance. For free, mobile customers simply text 242242 or call 1-800-2-ChaCha (1-800-224-2242) on their mobile phones, ask their questions and receive concise, relevant answers via text messaging. Its unique advertising solutions provide pay-for-engagement opportunities for advertisers to precisely target and embed their messages within millions of text conversations. With more than 30 million impressions per month and approximately 3.6 million users, ChaCha’s uniquely disruptive mobile search experience, ChaCha has a coveted capability to impact mobile customers’ buying decisions.

For Advertisers

SMS Advertising

ChaCha is designed around the fact that phones are for conversations.Our search engine works like human questions and answers. And our radically simple SMS Advertising solutions allow you to effectively put your message into targeted text conversations with mobile-centric youth.

  • ChaCha is ENGAGING:

No one wants text messages that aren't worth responding to. So we make sure that your ads are integrated naturally into the answers users receive.

  • ChaCha is CLUTTER-FREE:

It's all about you; there are no other ads to compete with. ChaCha users get your message, and you get their attention.

  • ChaCha is TARGETED:

You won't waste your money talking to people who don't matter to you. Choose your target audience based on interests (question categories), gender, location, time, and more.

  • ChaCha is RELEVANT:

18-34 year-olds are immune to traditional media. But this mobile-centric Millennial generation is proving highly receptive to ChaCha's SMS Advertising.

How it Works: [1]

ThmbSavrs Just like LOL, BFF, and IDK, ChaCha® ThmbSavrs™ abbrevations simply give you a faster and easier way to ask some of your questions. From sports scores and weather to jokes and dating ideas, we have ThmbSavrs for many of your favorite questions. Just choose a category tab below, then text a thumb-saving code to ChaCha (242242).

  • MENU – What are all your ThmbSavrs?
  • NEWMENU – Do you have any new Thmbsavrs?
  • JOKEMENU – What kind of jokes do you have?
  • MOVIEMENU – How can I ask for Movie Showings?
  • SCORE + Teamname or Nickname – Who is winning the Dogers’ game right now?
  • W – What is the weather going to be like today in San Diego, CA?
  • 411 + Business Name + Location – What’s the phone no. of Borders in Carmel, IN?
  • BIZ + Business Category + Location – Are there any coffee shops in Toledo, OH?

Case Studies


  • McDonald’s [2]



  • Palm Centro [4]


  • The Red Bull Indianapolis GP [5]



  • The Obama Campaign [7]


  • DX Street Creative Agency [8]


Phil Reding
VP Advertising Sales

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