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Cielologo.jpg Your single source for mobile marketing and advertising:
Cielo Mobile offers agencies, consumer brands and publishers an integrated set of mobile services that includes:

 - Text messaging, 
 - Branded downloadable applications, 
 - Mobile internet sites, 
 - Rich-media ad units, and 
 - Made-for-mobile analytics.  

Cielo eliminates the burden and additional costs incurred from working with multiple mobile vendors. We focus on building for clients ongoing consumer relationships and measuring the effectiveness of campaigns on consumer purchasing.

Widest reach:
Cielo understands that our clients need to go beyond the iPhone to reach the broadest number of mobile consumers across a highly fragmented market of handsets and carriers. Cielo delivers branded downloadable applications with compelling entertainment and utility that continuosly engage consumers -- not just on iPhones, but Blackberries and the gamut of other smartphones. Through handset detection, our advanced mobile websites dynamically display and optimize mobile experiences for the characteristics and carriers of the millions of non-smartphone devices.

Mobile that connects traditional media and digital marketing:
Cielo uses mobile as the connective tissue, uniting traditional media and digital marketing with a measurable mobile call to action. For example, Cielo's short codes and key words placed in magazine ads, radio spots, and OOH signage enable consumers to obtain text-messages with links to a company's mobile offer, site or application. Cielo makes otherwise-static media both interactive and measurable, driving consumers into stores through mobile coupons, getting them to take a test drive or make hotel reservation, etc.

Tracking and profiling individual consumers:
Cielo's made-for-mobile analytics, in part, enable clients to identify, track the behavior of, and profile unique mobile consumers (via cell-phone numbers). This is difficult to achieve in the absence of web-like tracking cookies within wireless networks.

Engaging rich-media ads:
Cielo's Rich-media Ad Control(tm) opens new, premium ad inventory in any downloadable mobile application. It allows publishers to dynamically request and display expandable, rich-media ad media in all Blackbery, iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile and Palm handset applications.

Cielo's technology brings the engagement into the application, letting consumers interact with the ad unit without leaving a publisher's app. Cielo's creative palette provides superior mobile engagments, utilizing video, sound, GPS, viration, acccelerometer, text messaging, etc. Requested ads can be placed anywhere within an application without any custom programming. Cielo’s technology handles all interactivity with the user.

Cielo strategizes with clients at the early planning stages of mobile initiatives, tied to holistic marketing. Even when working with slight budgets, Cielo seeks to achieve sustained results from mobile, building personal ongoing relationships with targeted consumers. We help clients build databases of opt-in mobile consumers –- valuable assets for subsequent, perpetual communications. Profiling allows segmentation by geography, product interests, etc.

In summary: Cielo Mobile solves major mobile challenges. We:

1. Create strong consumer awareness of a comany's mobile presence and ensure high frequency of use. 2. Obtain visibility into the behavior of carrier-controlled subscribers. 3. Optimize the mobile experience for each consumer. 4. Attain mass-market reach across a fragmented market of disparate handsets and closed networks.

Case studies

Cielo clients include the largest ad agencies and consumer brands. In 2004, the company became the first firm to stream mobile video in the US (within applications it built for Major League Baseball, the NBA and Nokia).

Cielo makes its case studies available to interested companies, upon request:

- BMW out-of-home campaign: BMW ads, placed on signs at 14 major airports across the country, contained Cielo short codes and keywords, driving travelers to a BMW mobile site. The site contained BMW video, dealer lookup and click-to-call, connecting consumers with dealers to arrange test drives. The campaign directly impacted sales of BMW's Series 3 Convertible and other BMW cars.

- Bank of America: Through handset detection, Cielo optimizes a mobile experience specifically for iPhone users, enabling them to discover and directly download Bank of America’s mobile-banking application –- otherwise buried within Apple's App store. Cielo also drives users of non-smartphones to the mobile WAP version of B of A’s mobile-banking service, ensuring mass-market reach. Mobile banner ads, which link to the Cielo-built mobile site, produced 600,000 impressions in the first week and a click-through-rate of exceeding two percent.

- Anheuser-Busch: Cielo streamed Budweiser TV commercials during the Super Bowl to fans, extending the tail of A-B's ad spend. In addition, it built a large database of opt-in cell numbers, used by A-B to market branded content to interested consumers.

- Interstate Batteries: Consumers simply text their zip code to obtain a map and listing of the closest Interstate Batteries dealers along with an incentive to "winterize" their vehicles.

Contact information

Steven Feldman, Marketing Vice President,; (617) 417-3125. Request case studies and visit Cielo Mobile website


Cielo Mobile Presdient and CEO Dean Macri founded the privately held company in 2003, anticipating the mobile industry's migration toward downloadable applications and in-app advertising.

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