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Edge Media is a full service advertising agency located in Phoenix, Arizona serving national and local clients. Edge Media specializes in cutting edge marketing techniques, including mobile marketing (SMS), social media, optimized blogging and search engine optimization. Additionally, Edge Media has a unique marketing process which includes in-depth market research & analysis prior to creating a marketing strategy or media buy. Our marketing strategies are integrated, measurable, and deliver ROI to our clients.

Our mobile marketing platform,Edge Mobile, is an internet based software system that our clients can log on to to manage their own campaigns, or we can manage them for them. The system offers bulk deliver of SMS messages and data capture, data sorting and reporting. The system can deliver coupons, ringtones & wallpaper, pictures, and URLS. It can facilitate voting, contesting, and live chat (perfect for live venues, broadcast, etc.). Our system also offers high level encryption capabilities benefiting government, military, medical, and all other industries requiring protection of data.

For more information on Edge Media, go to: [1]

For more information on Edge Mobile, our mobile platform, go to: [2]

For cutting edge marketing strategies, new information on mobile marketing, etc., follow our blog, written by Vickie Isaac, M.Ed., President/Owner of Edge Media. Go to: [3]

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