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About Ez Texting

Since 2006, Ez Texting has led the mobile marketing industry in providing a simple, affordable text messaging platform for small to medium-sized businesses. We proudly offer the only US-based turnkey online solution that allows clients from all industries – education, hospitality, religion, politics, non-profits, technology and more – to develop and execute a text messaging campaign within minutes.

Ez Texting currently supports messaging to the US and Canada for a rapidly growing client base of over 50,000 users. Ez Texting is a proud member of the Mobile Marketing Association

Ez Texting is based in New York City.

Ez Texting Services

Using our powerful platform, clients can setup SMS alerts, voting, contests, polls and much more. Get instant feedback from your members right to your Ez Texting inbox with our true 2-way messaging capabilities. And with the easy-to-remember shared short code 313131 (or 393939 for Canada), setting up keywords is a breeze. We also offer advanced API and dedicated short code options.

Contact Information

Tel: (212) 255-4663 (Monday to Friday, 9am - 6pm)

Fax: (646) 417-6169

By Mail

Ez Texting

244 5th Avenue, Suite A224

New York, NY 10001

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