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Who We Are

FEARnet is the premiere site for horror, thriller and suspense video online, including new free movies every Wednesday. FEARnet also features exclusive original series, movie trailers, and exclusive scenes from soon-to-be released films. With access to the biggest stash of horror films in the world, FEARnet is available on mobile devices, online and on demand.

Our Mobile Products

m.fearnet.com – Mobile version of FEARnet.com

FEARnet.com Mobile Version


- Real time news story and blog updates
- Movie reviews
- Original FEARnet content

Ad Opportunities:
- Custom micro-sites
- Sponsored galleries
- Cross platform opportunities
- Banners:
    120x20   168x28
    216x36   300x50

Contact Us

New York Office (Sales):
1114 Avenue of the Americans
New York, NY, 10036
P: (212) 852-5100
F: (212) 852-5151

Los Angeles Office:
5750 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90036
P: (323) 692-5380
F: (310) 979-2261

For general Style Network mobile advertising opportunities please contact Jumptap.

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