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FOX News Mobile’s audience is growing at an impressively rapid rate. This emerging media platform offers advertisers a unique opportunity to magnify brand awareness and extend reach through non-conventional means. FOX News Digital recognizes the mobile platform as a leading resource in a progressive field and seeks opportunities to expand capability and performance. is built for easy mobile browsing and navigation, and optimized across all handsets and carriers: Web enabled phones, smart phones, PDAs and Blackberry devices. May 09 Traffic Trends
Uniques: 12,971,304
Page views: 41,831,570
Visits: 18,523,950
Page Views/Uniques: 3.2

Sections include: Top Stories, U.S., World, Entertainment, Shows, Autos, Politics, Opinions, Health, Technology, SCITech and Weather.

Targeting capabilities include: section, handset, carrier, daypart, and keyword.

.Mobi (WAP): 96x16, 112x20, 167x30, 215x34

Ad Opportunities: Click to call, Email opt-in, Text with image, Text, Click to video, Geo Targeting capabilities [1]

FOX News iPhone

Users will be able to access on both the iPod Touch and iPhone. The iPhone site has Fox News videos and podcasts that can be streamed directly on the iPhone. One of the first in the News Category to have a customized iPhone Site. with our newly added HTTP Live Streaming Video(EDGE, 3G and WiFi)FOX News Mobile is one of the first to provide live streaming content.

Ad Opportunities: 305x64 and rich media solutions [2]

Mobile Video

FOX News Channel has live video distributed on MobiTV (across AT&T/Alltel and Sprint) and MediaFLO (on AT&T and Verizon).

FOX News Mobile clip service is available on AT&T

FOX News offers VOD on its iPhone websites One of the 1st providers to stream live video from iPhone website (

Ad Opportunities: Pre-roll and post-roll video advertising for "FOX News Blast" clips, available on the mobile Sprint TV Premier package.[3]

Creative Specs & Guidelines [4]

Contact Us

FOX News Digital Digital Media Sales
1211 Avenue of the Americas, 22nd Fl
New York, NY 10036
(212) 301-3764

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