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David White
VP of business development
+1 503 445-4220


FlightStats provides flight status and airport information to mobile Web and application developers around the world. Our real time flight status information powers many of the top paid travel applications on the iPhone and other smartphone platforms. Use our APIs and RSS feeds to get flight status by flight, by route, or by airport. Other web services provide for flight status alerts, flights on a map (show current location), flight availability (show flights with available seats by class), airport delay conditions and much more.

FlightStats also provides services directly to consumers via - our mobile Web site and with an application for the Android smartphone platform - FlightStats for Android.

Our Developer Community

  • Over 500 active developers
  • Over 33% are developing for mobile devices
  • We supply data to 4 of the top 20 paid travel applications on the iPhone platform
  • Apps using our global flight status data are available on all major smartphone platforms

Our Mobile Audience

  • >400,000 monthly unique visitors to
  • over 4 minutes per visit by the average user.
  • RIM (Blackberry) and Apple (iPhone/iPod Touch) users account for 70% of the visits to our mobile Web site.

External Links

FlightStats Developer Center

FlightStats Mobile Web Site

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