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Fluent is a marketing and technology company at the forefront of the digital revolution.



Fluent is headquartered in Midtown Manhattan at 295 Madison Avenue, with a nearby sister office overlooking Bryant Park. Fluent was founded in 2010 and has close to 40 employees.

295 Madison Ave. Floor 32 New York, NY 10017 646.669.7272

70 West 40th St. Floor 16 New York, NY 10018 646.490.8787

Who Are We?

Fluent is a marketing and technology company at the forefront of the digital revolution. Our ad serving solutions and consumer products are custom designed to engage the rapidly evolving interactive marketplace and generate strong returns for advertisers and media owners. We reinforce our products with an industrious staff who will work to understand the needs of your business in order to craft sensible, scalable, objective-driven campaigns.

What Do We Do?

Fluent offers performance based products, catering to brands, agencies, advertisers and publishers. Fluent’s three product lines span all major consumer verticals and include: Affluent, AdFLow and MobFlow. Affluent is a performance driven affiliate marketing network, AdFlow is a website monetization platform and MobFlow is a mobile ad serving solution.


Ad Units

  • Hosted Lead Generation (CPL) – Generate qualified sign-ups for your offers through our AdFlow and Lead Generation Network. Campaign types may range from basic personal data collection to custom forms with additional survey or qualifying questions. Fluent’s proprietary technology ensures that your ad is shown to a relevant audience, enabling optimal campaign performance.
  • Direct-to-Site Lead Generation (CPA) – Increase the volume of registrations taking place on your sites and offers through our closed affiliate marketing platform, Affluent. Our products uniquely position us to work with both niche websites as well as high volume networks enabling a vast selection of traffic types, including social media, display, email, search and contextual.
  • Transaction-based Marketing (CPS) – Whether a transaction can be generated through credit card, pay pal or a PIN confirmation via a user’s mobile device, Fluent can work to directly to increase your overall sales efforts. Our AdFlow, MobFlow and Affluent product lines offer a unique approach to generating sales online.
  • Pay Per Click (CPC) – If you feel your landing pages already have the winning formula, ask a Fluent professional about increased hits through our pay per click programs.
  • Display Media (CPM) – Looking for increased exposure through a variety of web and mobile channels? Our performance background will lead to more profitable display efforts with tremendous reach across all consumer oriented sites and networks.

ROI Solutions

  • Email and SMS Database Acquisition – Consumer usage of email and SMS as primary forms of communication have provided marketers with a clear desire to be seen in the inbox and mobile device. Generate qualified opt-ins of individuals that want to be informed about your latest promotions or updates.
  • Custom Email, Telemarketing and SMS Direct Marketing Programs – Whether your goal is to drive consumers to stores with a new coupon, generate enrollments through outbound recruitment efforts or receive inbound calls from a consumer on the go; we have the appropriate solution. Our professionals are experienced in all types of CRM programs and can work to create the right program for your products and services.
  • Double Opt-in via: While Fluent products may be exercised as a piece of your marketing formula, keep in mind that they aim to service all your CRM components. Below are a few of the options open to marketers when creating a program with Fluent.
  • Fluent AR – Make sure your message hits the inbox the instant a user opts-in to your offer using Fluent’s Auto-Responder technology.
  • PIN Page Confirmation – Gain full consent for SMS opt-in or Premium mobile services through a secure PIN code delivered to a consumer’s mobile device and then confirmed via web or SMS text back.
  • Offer Page Download – Generate toolbar or software downloads on 3rd party sites or your own by marketing your downloadable products through AdFlow, MobFlow or Affluent.
  • IVR Callback – Consumers move at the speed of light these days, get them while they are still on your offer page through our IVR callback service. Click-to-Call – Pay for inbound calls only by accessing our click-to-call offering. We’ll serve it up and your reps can knock it down!
  • Mobile-Optimized Campaigns via MobFlow – Engage captive users directly through their handheld devices with our cutting-edge MobFlow product.
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