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About Gamma Engineers

Gamma Engineers was founded in Jan 2007. We believe that there are two technologies that are fundamentally shifting the way Enterprises interact with customers. These are smartphones and social media. Gamma Engineers has developed Social Relationship Management (SRM) software to help enterpises monitor, respond and engage customers on social networks.

Our GSP product is a Smartphone platform to simplify the development and deployment of smartphone apps for enterprises.

Smartphone Platform

The Smarpthone Platform is aimed at simplifying the development and maintenance of smarpthone applications. We provide a number of 'canned' features to simplify development, so each enterprise does not have to spend time re-creating features. We also provide a 'write once, run anywhere' architecture, so enterprise developers don't have to spend time porting code from one smartphone IDE to another.

Gamma Engineers manages the core platform, and releases updates to ensure support for the latest smartphone operating systems. These updates also allow the apps to leverage the new hardware capabilities of the newest phones.

We also provide a couple core features that are available across verticals. There are

Call Me - the user pushes a button on the phone, and an agent from the Enterprise's contact center call the customer. No more IVR, no more listening to hold music.

Tell Us You're Coming - the user can make an appointment to meet someone at a branch or store. Meet your local banking specialist, or make an appointment at your favorite retailer.

Mobile Apps

Gamma Engineers has developed the apps for following verticals.

Airlines - Electronic Boarding Passes, Seat Changes, Purchase Meals, Buy Tickets

Retail Banking - 'Make Me a Millionaire' calculators, Loan Calculators, Deposit @nywhere

Retail - Virtual Dressing Rooms, Augmented Reality

Hospitality - Automatic Checkin

Insurance - Accident Toolkits

Health Insurance - Bluetooth Integrations to Blood Sugar Monitors etc, Explanation of Benefits

For more details on the app features, please visit Industry Solutions

Software as a Service

GSP, can be deployed as a managed service that leverages the enterprise's web site functionality and content to a customized, app for each smarpthone platform.

GSP can enable all the features available on the web site, or a subset of the features as defined by the enterprise. Additional 'canned features' which make the app more entertaining can be added from the library of features Gamma Engineers have developed.

GSP can be implemented in 6-8 weeks with little or no assistance from the Enterprise IT team. The Enterprise can devide to roll out apps for every smartphone platform, or specify a subset of apps.


Gamma Engineers has partnered with the major smartphone software manufacturers. This gives us access to beta version of new operating systems, and helps streamline the process of releasing apps to each of the individual app stores.

Our smartphone partnerships are with

Apple RIM's Blackberry Android Nokia Microsoft Palm

We also have partnerships for geolocation and geofencing

Alcatel-Lucent's OpenAPI for Geofencing and Geolocation for location outside a building

Cisco's WAP API for location within a building


Please follow us on twitter:@GammaEngineers

A Blog is coming soon

Office Locations

United States: 201 N. Franklin Str, Suite 3410, Tampa, FL, 33602 " Head Office

Canada: 900 Hopkins Str, Whitby, Ontario, L1N 6A9

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web: Gamma Engineers Smartphone Platform

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