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360° Mobile Advertising


GoldSpot Media

GoldSpot Media is the leader in rich media and video advertising solutions for smartphones and tablets. GoldSpot’s innovative mobile advertising solution, miSpot, is based on scores of patents pending in the areas of mobile ad distribution, insertion, storage, interactivity, reporting and verification.

Headquartered in Sunnyvale, California with Research & Development Centers in New Jersey, USA and Bangalore, India, and sales offices in Europe and Japan, the GoldSpot Media™ organization has extensive experience in the mobile industry with core competencies in interactive mobile media solutions and mobile advertising. The company is also spearheading new and innovative advertising formats in standard bodies such as IAB, MMA and OMA.

miSpot for advertisers is the only universal mobile ad platform to create, deliver, and verify rich media ads across any publisher or ad network.

miSpot for publishers is the only open mobile advertising platform to deliver rich media ads from any agency.

miSpot for Advertisers

GoldSpot Media enables advertisers to repurpose their ad creative from web and TV for mobile devices. miSpot, GoldSpot’s ad creation and distribution platform optimizes video and rich media files into interactive mobile ads, allowing advertisers to extend their campaign and brand presence from traditional and online mediums to targeted mobile consumers. Our unique solution specializes in optimizing video and rich media ad content on mobile devices. GoldSpot’s technology delivers your ads in the highest quality possible, regardless of network bandwidth or connectivity limitations.

miSpot for Publishers

Deliver high-value rich media ads in the same spot to increase your mobile revenues. Increase your yield and fill rates by delivering ads across all your media properties–traditional, online, and mobile. miSpot for publishers is the only open mobile advertising platform that delivers high-value rich media ad units from any third party or agency, whether it’s from GoldSpot's own ad creation and serving tool, miSpot, or other 3rd party mobile ad tools. Eliminate proprietary software compatibility issues and resource-intensive SDK integrations with a single SDK for iOS, Android, and Blackberry devices.

Contact Information

California Headquarters

530 Lakeside Drive, Suite #110

Sunnyvale, CA 94085

Phone: +1 408 720 0010

Fax: +1 408 720 1062

India R&D Center

4th Floor, Z Square

92 Jyothi Nivas College Road

Koramangala Industrial Area

Bangalore 560 095

Phone: +91 80 4149 4144

Fax: +91 80 4126 8666


38-9-109 Sakuradai, Aoba-ku




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