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Golden Gekko is the leading developer of creative mobile marketing applications and widgets in Europe and North America. We have successfully launched award winning campaigns for global brands such as Coca-Cola, Absolut Vodka, Disney, Perfetti, Universal Pictures, Unilever/Lynx and Vodafone.

We provide a range of mobile application development alternatives:

--Bespoke Development - Unique applications with rich and creative feature sets, tailored from the ground up to meet customer needs.

--Off-the-shelf product range - More than 30 engaging products available for customization and branding including cookbooks, social networking integration and more

--Tino Mobile App Studio - A web based tool that allows anyone to create their own mobile apps in 5 easy steps


The Gekko Way

At Golden Gekko we work very closely with the client, eliminating misunderstandings and increasing communication.

--We work in very short iterations, usually hours or at the most days, ensuring that we can get rapid feedback on the applications. If we are heading in the wrong direction according to the client's expectations, it will not be for very long.

--We identify the core product functionality as expected by the client, as early as possible, to enable early customer road testing. We develop secondary functions once the target users have experienced how the main functions work in real life.

--We always have a running functional product to use as a communication medium with our customers. We prefer to discuss features through a working product rather than through a specification document. This allows us to deliver the right product at the right time with exceptional quality.

Our development methodology is based on more than 6 years of research and best practice case studies of major corporations including Ericsson, ABB and Vodafone at one of the leading software engineering universities in the world..

Case Studies

A thorough list of case studies can be found here-

Tino Mobile App Studio


Golden Gekko has recently introduced the Tino Mobile App Studio, an online solution to easily create high quality mobile apps in 5 easy steps.

Tino enables everyone to create powerful, attractive mobile applications using a variety of content, external feeds, and rich media. Within a couple hours and requiring no programming skills one can create a mobile app.

Tino is unique as it reduces the cost and time investment for mobile applications to become part of a solid, integrated marketing and business strategy.

Applications created with Tino can contain the following-

-Embedded audio

-Embedded video

-Questionnaires/forms with reporting capability on answers

-Embedded hyperlinks behind standard & banner images

-Embedded animated gifs

-Three menu & sub-menu types: list/carousel/grid views


-Embedded hyperlinks to mobile sites

-RSS/XML/Twitter feeds

-Links from one page to any other in an app


-Embedded background image

-Multiple images on a single page


-Search for latest version of the app

To sign up for a free Tino account go here:



Golden Gekko Ltd

22 Ganton Street

London W1F 7BY

United Kingdom


Spain Office

Diagonal, 520 4-3

08006 Barcelona


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