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Who We Are

Greystripe is the largest brand-focused mobile advertising network in the US by reach. Greystripe delivers the highest engagement and most sophisticated targeting for brand marketers, the maximum revenue for publishers and app developers, and the best ad experience for users. Greystripe’s proprietary advertising platform serves billions of rich media impressions to over 30 million users of touch-driven devices through more than 3,500 application titles and mobile websites across all major mobile platforms.

Greystripe was named one of the Top Ten Most Innovative Companies in Mobile by Fast Company in 2011, the MOBI Awards’ Best Mobile Rich Media Network in 2010, E-Tech CTIA award winner for the Mobile Marketing/Mobile Advertising category in 2009, AlwaysOn OnMedia 100 winner in 2009, AlwaysOn Global 100 winner in 2008, Red Herring Global 100 winner in 2007 and the Under the Radar Best in Show: Mobility winner in 2006.6.

What We Offer Advertisers: Overview

  • Use EXISTING 250x300 creatives-even Flash!
  • 100% SOV through Full-Screen ad interstitials in applications, on feature phones, the iPhone, iPad, Android, and the iPod touch
  • Many of our formats include INTERACTION
  • Proprietary and Third-Party Reporting
    • Reports include impression, clicks, and CTR by ad along with basic information about the campaign including budget, CPM, flight dates, reporting window, and targeting
    • Integration with Dart and Atlas
  • Customizable Ad Targeting
    • Ad targeting is available by gender, age, and geography
    • Custom targeting is available for large campaigns

What We Offer Advertisers: iPhone

  • 320X320 ads, IAB Medium Rectangle (300X250) ads, or 320X48 Static, Animated, and Expandable Banners
  • Ad Formats
    • iFlash: we'll transcode any existing IAB medium rectangle Flash ad to run on the iPhone
    • iFlash Custom: create a custom ad in Flash and serve it to the iPhone
  • 9 Ad Actions:
    • Branding/Information Drive
    • Data Collection
    • Click to Web/WAP
    • Click to Call
    • Ad Interaction WAP Survey
    • Click to YouTube
    • Click to iTunes
    • Click to App Store
    • Click to Maps

What We Offer Advertisers: Feature Phones

  • Ad sizes:
    • 90x90
    • 128x128
    • 176x176
    • 240x240
  • 5 Ad Actions:
    • Branding/Information Drive
    • Data Collection
    • Click to WAP
    • Click to Call
    • Ad Interaction WAP Survey
  • Games Sponsorship:
    • Sponsor a Subset of our games
    • Add on to your existing WAP site or use a standalone site
    • Branded in-game menu in every game downloaded through your sponsorship

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