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About Group Texting

The Power Of Bulk SMS. The Freedom Of Long Codes. Group Texting is a new take on SMS marketing. We believe that the time for long codes has arrived. Group Texting’s SMS software is dead simple, affordable, and best of all, it is built atop long codes. Why long codes? Long codes are far more affordable than short codes, they can be setup instantly, and they bypass all of the red tape associated with short code marketing campaigns.

Group Texting is based in New York City.

Group Texting Services

Send Mass Text Messages from your computer using our long codes for fast, affordable, hassle-free bulk SMS marketing campaigns. Long codes deliver text messages to Google Voice and VOIP numbers. Long codes are international. Send and receive messages in 160 countries. One price per message anywhere on earth. One company - Group Texting. Our SMS Gateway connects you to billions of cellular subscribers. Our easy to use API offers you the full power of our SMS long code platform.

Contact Information

Tel: (212) 255-7029 (Monday to Friday, 10am - 7pm)


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