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Guide by Cell (Company)

Guide by Cell was founded in 2004 by David Asheim and is the leading provider of mobile technology services to non-profits and cultural institutions in the world. Based in San Francisco, CA Guide by Cell works with some of the most prestigious organizations to create targeted interactive experiences. Guide by Cell provides a mobile technology platform that helps organizations retain and develop their relationships with visitors/clients, promote their institution, and raise revenue.

In 2009 Guide by Cell opened it's new division Give by Cell allowing non-profits to raise revenue by receiving micro-donations by phone.

Our Services

Guide by Cell develops mobile technology solutions -- it is the largest provider of interactive mobile technology services to cultural institutions and non-profits with over 500 clients. Guide by Cell created the cell phone audio tour interpretation -- taking existing mobile devices and turning them into a platform for interpretive audio content. Guide by Cell services now include interactive text messaging applications, including SMS games, coupons, alerts, voting, live Question and Answer, Alternative Reality Games, and more. Guide by Cell also develops Smartphone applications, and as of 2009 launched it's new division Give by Cell that allows non-profits to collect micro-donations by phone.


Guide by Cell

300 Beale St., Suite 608

San Francisco, CA 94105

(800) 695-7311


Give by Cell

Give by Cell

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