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Application Development Hands-On Mobile: Mobile Application Development Solutions

Utilizing our proprietary mobile development platform, Hands-On Mobile is a leader in providing top quality mobile application solutions for companies worldwide. We mobilize brands in rich, dynamic ways that go far beyond traditional mobile offerings. We connect you with your customers while they are on the go, on their device, whatever it may be.

Hands-On Mobile offers extremely flexible mobile solutions in two key areas: 1. Platform/device coverage – if you want your app on every device or platform, or if you want to start with a single platform, like iPhone, we have the capabilities to meet your needs now, and be there to scale as the landscape, or your needs, change. 2. Development Fee/App Monetization options – we are able to work with partners to meet their mobile needs, whether it is direct funded development, application revenue sharing, pay per download, or in a combination.

Why Hands-On Mobile? Proprietary Technology: Hands-On Mobile’s technology platform enables some of the quickest and richest mobile application development in the industry with full and immediate handset coverage (12 patents in process) Carrier & OEM Relationships: Hands-On Mobile has one of the only solutions that is able to bring blanket, cross-platform coverage to market within a matter of months, plus we provide the means to promote and distribute on or off deck. We have over 8 years of experience partnering with the world’s leading operators and manufacturers. User Experience: Our platform allows us to update and refresh your application at a moment’s notice – providing a sticky consumer experience that offers the richness of an application with the flexibility and timeliness of a website.

Mobilize Your Content with Hands-On Mobile Platform Capabilities • Supports 400+ handsets and all major platforms (i.e. iPhone, Android, BREW, Java, Windows Mobile, RIM, etc.) • Producer of award winning applications, NFL Mobile Live and NASCAR Sprint Cup Mobile • Leverages handset features: Media player, camera, address book, LBS, touch screen • Worldwide distribution (carriers, handsets & platforms) • Server side control with dynamic updates so your customer doesn't have to re-download the application every time a change is made or content is refreshed Hands-On Mobile Services (partial list) • Strategic product and roadmap planning • Scope and design • Software development • Testing and certification • Distribution (on and off deck) • Integrate with content, sponsors, advertisers, etc. • Application hosting • Maintenance and scheduled updates • Project management • Support for new handsets as they are released to the market • Monthly reporting metrics

Case Study – NFL Mobile Live Application • Real-time news and alerts • Customizable red zone alerts • Live audio of each game • Fastest mobile play-by-play • 24 hour access to injury reports, news, stats and fantasy updates • Video highlights from each game • Live NFL Network games • 24/7 streaming video of NFL Network channel • Voting, polling and sweepstakes

NFL Mobile Live – A Success Story Sprint’s challenge: 3 months until kick-off ’08 and needing a top notch app Sprint engaged Hands-On to produce a dynamic application for fans that provided the richest content and customization capabilities within an extremely tight time frame. Challenges faced: • Speed to market • Scalable features with broad device coverage • Must support millions of fans on game day Hands-On provided the winning formula: • Rapid server side development (dynamic updates for end-users – no re-download) • Framework compliant with carrier certification • Faster QA cycles The results are in: As of January 22, 2009, NFL Mobile Live reached over 1 million downloads faster than any other application in Sprint’s history.

Contact: Scott Scherer General Manager, Application Development sscherer@handson.com

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