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[1] HearPlanet provides a publishing and syndication platform for delivering audio-centric content to mobile users. Leveraging HearPlanet’s proprietary ‘HearNow’ platform, HearPlanet aggregates content from publishers, businesses and users to deliver engaging audio information about points of interest, including landmarks, historic sites, restaurants and local merchants. Audio content delivers a superior experience for mobile users by allowing them to visually absorb their surroundings while navigating without ever having to stop to read from their phones.

Billed as the “audio guide to the world,” HearPlanet has experienced a good deal of success since the 2009 launch of its original proof-of-concept iPhone application. HearPlanet has been featured in Apple’s full-page ads in the national press and on TV, and has been favorably reviewed by major media, including The New York Times, The Washington Post, National Geographic, Manhattan Magazine, InStyle, Cnet, Fox Business News and Salon.com. Hemisphere, United Airlines' in-flight magazine, has dubbed the HearPlanet application as “the best kind of travel guide—one that requires no reading.”HearPlanet was also the recipient of The Silicon Valley Association of Startup Entrepreneur’s Launch: Silicon Valley 2009 award for best mobile product.

HearPlanet’s mission is to deepen people’s connection with the world around them in a way that’s engaging and immersive, yet unobtrusive. Whether driving, shopping or sightseeing, HearPlanet is the best way to learn about places of interest without being distracted or slowing down. HearPlanet's revolutionary guide to the world will soon be available on a multitude of mobile platforms, including Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Palm, and Symbian (Nokia). Partnerships with other major platforms, cellular carriers and application developers are rapidly extending HearPlanet’s reach to millions more consumers around the globe.

Recent Press:

“Like having a tour guide in your pocket..." National Geographic Adventure

"The best kind of travel guide – one that requires no reading…” United Airlines

“If you like to go sight-seeing when you travel then you’ll love HearPlanet.” Salon.com

“…get the scoop on landmarks, historic sites and more - in countless cities worldwide - without taking your eyes off the sights.” Apple National Ad Campaign

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