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Help has Arrived!

If you're like most of us, you might find some of this stuff a little intimidating at first - but trust us when we tell you that you will pick it up EASY and you will soon be enjoying the tremendous benefits that only WikiMobiDex can bring!

If this is your first time browsing or editing a Wiki, take a quick look at the Just for Noobs page - it's got all you'll need to get a quick feel for getting around the site. Once you get the hang of the basic navigation and you want to learn how to contribute to WikiMobiDex start with our overview on how to create & edit pages. To help people find your pages or edits make sure to read The Deal with Categories - it's an important one! Oh, and definitely head over to Adding Images to learn how to add pictures to your pages.

Finally, many of you may be rightly concerned with how we handle Vandalism. Never fear, we've got your back(s) and assure you your content is safe from deviants and miscreants... but to make sure read up on How to Protect Your Pages from Vandalism so that you can take an active role in "serving and protecting!"

  • Note: Most common functions on WikiMobiDex are case sensitive! Pay attention to CAPS and lower case letters and copy exactly when searching and linking, etc.

Help Table of Contents

  1. Getting Around WikiMobiDex
    1. Sidebar (left)
    2. Top tabs (above the article)
    3. User options (top right)
  2. Why You Should Register & Log-in
    1. How to log in
  1. The Basics
    1. How to Create a Page
    2. Show preview
    3. Some etiquette
  2. Style and Formatting
    1. Headings and subheadings
    2. HTML
  3. Links to other WikiMobiDex Pages
    1. When (not) to link
    2. How to link
    3. Categories
  4. References & External Links
    1. The external links section
  1. How Categories work *IMPORTANT! READ!*
  1. Adding images
  2. How to add an image
  3. Supported file types and max size
  1. Wiki vandalism defined
  2. How to spot vandalism (and protect your page!)
  3. How to respond to vandalism
  4. How NOT to respond to vandalism
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