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Impact Mobile has played a leadership role in the mobile industry since 2002 when it ran the first North American cross-carrier short code campaign. Unlike many companies that focus on developing a one-off campaign for brands or promote mobile as a separate user experience, Impact Mobile strives to integrate mobile into our clients' overall media strategy.

JumpTXT™ is a propriety platform designed and built by Impact Mobile (IM), based on 7 years of industry leadership and experience. The primary objective is to enable the creation of a "one-on-one" interactive relationship with a targeted consumer through their mobile device. Impact Mobile provides use of the JumpTXT™ platforms and applications as either a fully managed service or on an ASP (Application Service Provider) basis.



First Cross Carrier Short Code Campaign in North America - developed standards and legal codes of conduct with mobile network operators to run the first cross-carrier short code campaign in North America.

Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB)

  • Founder of the Mobile Committee for the IAB in the US and Canada
  • Chair of the US IAB Mobile Committee

    Mobile Entertainment Forum (MEF)

  • Founder of MEF Canada with the goal of creating business development opportunities and facilitating the development of commercial guidelines in this emerging content market
  • Vice Chair of the MEF Americas

    Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association (CWTA)

  • Chair of the Mobile Content Committee to establish policies and increase awareness to promote the industry
  • Board of Advisors for Canadian Music Week
  • Board of Advisors for NextMedia


  • 2006 Companies-to-Watch Award, Deloitte Technology
  • 2006 Rogers Digital Marketing Awards, Wireless Category
  • 2007 Winner, Deloitte Technology Fast 50 (ranked 5th)
  • 2008 Winner, Deloitte Technology Fast 50 (ranked 10th)
  • 2009 Winner, Deloitte Technology Fast 50 (ranked 5th)
  • 2009 Winner, Deloitte Technology Fast 500 North America (ranked 38th)


    Standard and Premium SMS (Short Message Service)
    MMS (Multimedia Message Service)
    WAP Push

    Mobile Marketing Products
    SMS Campaigns (e.g. votes, surveys, contests etc.)
    Activation Campaigns (i.e. bridge from a Web or Mobile Internet session to an SMS interaction)
    Broadcasts (i.e. delivery of content to group of mobile subscibers)
    Subscription (i.e. ongoing delivery of content to group of mobile subscibers)
    Live Event Campaigns (i.e. interactive promotions via display media at venues hosting live events)
    Content Delivery (e.g. ring tones, wall papers, games etc.)
    Ticketing and Coupons

    Custom Services - integration with various custom mobile services, including mobile Internet and Smart Phone applications. Impact Mobile works with clients to integrate these applications into their mobile strategy and with other Impact Mobile services to optimize the application as a CRM tool and/or media buy.

    Connectivity - Impact Mobile’s core strength is its connections to all major carriers in North America and its reciprocal agreements with other international Tier 1 aggregators.

    APIs - multiple APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) available to enable third parties to integrate their applications or content. Impact Mobile’s APIs enable one or two-way integration with our systems, so that developers can leverage our services to build or extend their offering or services.

    Reporting - accurate and timely reporting provides business intelligence to strengthen marketing initiatives and respond more effectively to consumers.

    Professional Services - Impact Mobile works with clients to define requirements and customize solutions for each client’s unique needs. Professional Services include consulting to help companies understand mobile marketing opportunities and assisting in creative ideation, technical assistance for complex campaign design, and architectural analysis to allow integration into legacy systems.

    Contact Information

    Email: info
    Phone: +1.877.869.8883
    Web Site:

    New York, New York
    Richmond, Virginia
    Los Angeles, California
    Toronto, Ontario

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