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Based in Chicago, Interactive Mediums was established in 2006 to take advantage of the burgeoning opportunity for mobile marketing technology solutions. Since its founding, the company has experienced significant growth by helping hundreds of marketers take their initial steps into mobile successfully. Clients include many top brands and online services, including Anheuser-Busch,,,, Marriott, Ogilvy, Orbitz, Pabst Brewing, Sprint, and TOMS Shoes.

The firm today positions itself around the most significant pain point facing organizations -- offering a superior Mobile Customer Experience that maps to strategic marketing objectives. The company is thus able to serve mobile requirements of varying sophistication, from simple to complex text message interactions through high impact smartphone applications and mobile optimized websites.

The company’s lines of business are described as follows:

Customer Engagement Platform
The Core Edition is often the starting point for marketers taking their initial steps into mobile marketing. Access to all of the messaging channels and engagement actions found in the Advanced Edition are available so marketers can more efficiently execute marketing campaigns inclusive of all the ways customers interact with a business while “on the go.” These channels include SMS text messaging, mobile and desktop web, email, social networks, MMS, and IVR. Engagement actions are akin to pre-packaged mobile marketing campaigns, examples of which include promotions, sweepstakes, and couponing. This edition is the foundation on top of which an Advanced version adds capabilities designed to help marketers stitch mobile more strategically into ongoing customer relationship management efforts.

The Advanced Edition builds upon the Core Edition with capabilities demanded by marketers who identify the mobile channel as critical to business success. To this end, the Advanced Edition includes a variety of features, such as audience segmentation and personalization, designed to help marketers create ongoing dialogues with their customers. Agencies and multi-brand businesses leverage these and other attributes of the Advanced Edition like multi-account management to execute mobile marketing strategies across a variety of clients and/or lines of business. A highly functional and documented Application Program Interface (API) is also provided as part of this edition, providing IT professionals with access to the underlying logic to build mobile engagement capabilities directly into internal systems.

Mobile Web Development Services
To maximize the value of engaging customers via mobile, Interactive Mediums' clients often call on them to optimize websites for mobile devices or build mobile sites as calls to action. The company has performed this work for numerous clients and is able to to serve device‐specific versions of websites to ensure a positive customer experience regardless of web browser.

Interactive Mediums works with clients to understand their business objectives in approaching the mobile channel, and when this dictates a presence on the mobile web, the compnay brings significant experience and expertise to the task.

Mobile optimized websites are not simply scaled down versions of their larger cousins. The unique form factor of a mobile device, in combination with the on the go consumers’ intended use of the mobile web, often means the most effective approach is a unique presence optimized for the mobile channel. In cases such as this, Interactive Mediums helps clients ensure their mobile web presence is consistent across different devices, operating systems and web browsers.

Mobile Application Development Services
Mobile applications are a popular approach to engaging customers via the mobile channel, either stand alone or ideally part of a broader program including text and mobile web. Interactive Mediums has built and helped launch many applications for leading companies, and possesses particular expertise in envisioning unique and high value functionality and ensuring successful distribution (i.e. Apple’s App Store).

A focus on the Mobile Customer Experience drives Interactive Mediums’ approach with mobile applications. This means understanding the business objectives driving the initiative first, and then translating these to capabilities offered by the targeted device.

Developing iPhone applications that are accepted by the App Store as part of its approval process is also a competency Interactive Mediums brings to client projects. This ensures investments pay off by placing applications quickly into the right place in the App Store so they are found quickly by the target audience, downloaded and used.

In cases when clients need to offer mobile applications to the widest demographic possible, the company also has expertise in developing for other popular mobile platforms including Blackberry and Android.


If you would like more information on Interactive Mediums and the services they provide please visit or call (877) 962-9945 to speak with a representative from the company.


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