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iZigg is building the largest worldwide mobile media community where businesses and people can now stay connected through the world's most recognizable mobile media shortcode- 90210.

Led by Co-CEO's Brian Underwood and David Liniado, iZigg will continue to bring relevant and innovative products to the market based on the one device that is always with you, your mobile phone.

As the future of mobile evolves and develops, iZigg and it's leadership plan to be there every step of the way and will continue to be the pace setter in the mobile media revolution.

What is a keyword?
   * Keywords are used to identify a business (or a specific category for that business) when used with our short code 90210. You text a specific keyword to 90210 to "opt-in" and allow our partners to send text messages and special offers direct to you and others who have also opted in – all at the same time.

How does a business or organization use mobile marketing to advertise and promote to, or communicate with their customers or database?

   * A business would simply invite customers, and prospective customers, to "opt-in" and receive communication and/or promotions or offers via text messages on their cell phone. Several effective methods are available to invite people to opt-in using signage, mail, email, social media, print, radio, TV or website campaigns. Those who see or hear the invite will simply text the KEYWORD for that business or organization to 90210 and as a result, build an opt-in database of people who are interested in receiving text messages from their chosen businesses or organization right to their cell phone.
   * This allows the business (or any entity) to have instant and real-time communication with those who have opted in, by simply sending a text message to potentially hundreds or thousands at one time with a specific offer, promotion, discount or important message.
   * This is instantaneous and results-driven marketing - at its finest - to those who really want to know – and where they will actually see it!

We are on the verge of massive market adoption of mobile marketing and iZigg Chicago is poised to be the dominant brand. Our company has a compelling business model and a very robust mobile marketing platform that can benefit businesses large and small, sports teams, churches, schools – anyone that needs to get information out to their customers or group in real time. iZigg Chicago is looking for a few good agents to help us build this brand and take it to Chicago businesses large and small. 25% Direct Commission on 4 tiers of business packages, plus bonuses and overrides for top producers. We're looking for energetic, upbeat, forward thinking professionals that can only sell something if they believe in it. 
We believe that our product will change the world! We have a strategic plan to be the dominant brand in mobile marketing by July, 2011. Check Out These Facts: -A leading cell phone provider reports a 20% decrease in talk time and an increase of 160% in texting 
-68% would rather text than talk 
-Google reports that 90% of internet connections will be on mobile devices within the next 3-5 years 
-Businesses are currently walking away from their current mobile marketing providers (if they have one) in order to join and leverage the 90210 brand 
-97% of SMS Marketing Messages ARE OPENED 
-83% within ONE HOUR 
-90% of emails are SPAM and unread by the recipient 
-80% of Americans feel they get the quickest response from a text message 
-52,083 texts are sent every second 
-That’s 1.6 TRILLION annually & growing exponentially 
-4.1 BILLION cell phones are used worldwide 
-There’s twice as many cell users as than internet user Who’s Investing in Mobile Media? -Google acquires Admob for $750 Million 
-Twitter acquires Cloud Hopper 
-US Mobile Advertising rose from $421 Million in 2006 to 2.8 BILLION in 2007 
-Apple acquires Quattro for $275 Million 
-Microsoft MAY acquire Mellinial Media for $500 Million 
-Mobile Advertising is expected to reach $28.8 Billion by 2015 
 For immediate details pull out your mobile phone and put 90210 in the "to" section just as you would with a 10 digit phone number – then put Richardm in the message body and hit send. You'll see an immediate demo of our entry level product and discover your next steps. http://www.izigg.com/textto90210

http://iZiggBlog.com --Richard McGuire TEXT: richardm to 90210 22:02, 11 May 2011 (CDT)

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