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Who We Are

Jumptap operates the largest independent premium mobile advertising network in North America, offering the largest unique user footprint with a penetration of approximately 63 million unique visits a month in the U.S. alone. Jumptap leverages its highly advanced algorithmic engine and unique IP to deliver the best ROI for advertisers and the highest monetization for publishers. The result is a network of mobile websites and applications that combine best-in-class content and services together with highly relevant advertising to create an experience that appeals to the mobile consumer. Flexible solutions offer both fixed CPM and bidded CPC campaigns.

Mobile Advertising's Most Targeted Results

Jumptap is the global leader in mobile advertising. We harness the power of our superior carrier relationships, premium publishing partners and advanced targeting techniques to deliver effective mobile campaigns with measurable results. With turnkey advertising opportunities and creative solutions, we make mobile easy to implement and ROI driven.

Superior Carrier Relationships

Jumptap has more top tier mobile operators than any other mobile network. Jumptap leverages its carrier relationships to deliver high performance media placements and unique advertising opportunities to its clients. We have the largest on-deck carrier inventory available in mobile. Carrier quality inventory elicits higher engagement, brand awareness and purchase intent.

Premium Publishing Partners

With premium partners like AP, NBA, MSNBC, Hearst and AOL, advertisers leverage the strength and trust of well known media brands to communicate their brand’s message. Our network consists of premium publishers across 12 channels including news, entertainment, sports finance, autos, reference, lifestyle, women, social networking, travel, games and iPhone apps. We reach more than half of the mobile internet users in North America on our network.

Jumptap Solutions Overview

Premium Mobile Ad Network and Ad Serving Jimage1.jpg

Jumptap’s Premium Mobile Ad Network consists of top-grade operator and publisher inventory and developer applications (including iPhone) that Jumptap represents to advertisers and agencies. Advertisers can run ads across a comprehensive set of premium mobile channels including 10 different audience segmented packages including entertainment, finance, news, reference, sports, lifestyle, social networking, travel, and games. In comparison to typical ad networks, media buys across the Jumptap Premium Mobile Ad Network elicit higher engagement and a higher return on investment, as branded content sites have a greater impact on key metrics such as increased click through, brand awareness and purchase intent than generic mobile ad networks. The network currently has 5 billion page views per month, 31 MM unique users per month.

Learn more about our Premium Mobile Ad Network Media:Jumptap-premium-mobile-ad-network-with-tapMatch.pdf

tapMatch Jimage2.jpg

tapMatch is a Pay-Per-Click, global self service mobile ad marketplace that marries search technology and contextual data with keyword and categories to maximize performance for advertisers and optimize yield for publishers while managing the content quality for both. Brand and performance marketers can gain easy entry into the rapidly growing mobile ad industry. Just set up an account and start bidding. Your ads will appear above search results and on mobile web pages and in applications including iPhone. Combining the power of advanced search technology for contextual targeting, advertisers can maximize performance by reaching qualified mobile audiences with highly relevant ads that elicit strong consumer engagement and increased click thru rates and conversations.

Learn more about our tapMatch Performance Marketplace Media:Jumptap-premium-mobile-ad-network-with-tapMatch.pdf

tapLink Jimage3.jpg

tapLink is a sophisticated platform that integrates operator and publisher data, including demographics and location, with proprietary real-time contextual targeting to build audience profiles that deliver targeted campaigns with measurably better results. In addition, it provides the technology required to protect the user’s privacy and the operator’s targeting assets. It can also manage multiple ad networks, enables sophisticated targeting controls and builds and manages profile information.


Sales Inquiries

Ted McNulty

Director of Performance Sales


Email: ted.mcnulty@jumptap.com


East Region, Director Advertising Sales

Alexandra Jorissen

Mobile: 617 803 7328

Email: alexandra.jorissen@jumptap.com

New York

Southwest, Director Advertising Sales

Tanya Davies

Mobile: 805 857 4638

Email: tanya.davies@jumptap.com

Los Angeles

Main Office

Jumptap, Inc.

10 Canal Park, 5th floor

Cambridge, MA 02141 USA

More information can be found at our website: Mobile Advertising with Jumptap

Examples of Our Ads

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