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JUST ENJOY, LLC is a mobile technology company headquartered in Southern California that provides mobile marketing and self-serve ordering solutions to clients in Hospitality, Food Service, Gaming, and Entertainment.

The JUST ENJOY™ iPhone application for consumers is free and readily available from the Apple Store [1], Mobile-optimized web portals and applications for the Android and other mobile platforms are also available.

JUST ENJOY™ is a real-time marketing solution that combines consumer-centric Mobile Messaging and Self-Serve Technologies that deepen the engagement between retailers and customers and grows sales and profits.

Social Network Marketing

JUST ENJOY™ allows the dialogue and perspective that consumers are craving more and more. With Just Enjoy, customers can easily link to their favorite Social Networks to share offers, promotions or their favorite brand “news” with friends. They can easily make plans to meet at their local hang-outs without leaving the Just Enjoy-powered site.

Mobile Ordering/Payment

A growing barrier to sales in the hospitality, restaurant, and gaming segments is the lack of time to enjoy a comfortable experience (especially at peak times). Just Enjoy's Mobile Self Serve Technology (including Pre-Ordering and Pre-Payment) is exponentially becoming the preferred solution to upwardly-mobile consumers because it provides broader options to control the pace and speed of their experience.

The intuitive menu and ordering system is user-friendly and is customizable to include nutritional information, time of day and occasion pricing and menu options. The mobile ordering system can be integrated into your current POS system or operated as a stand-alone.

The payment gateway supports all forms of payment including gift cards, is fully PCI-compliant, and integrates into the client's current payment processing services provider and POS systems.

JUST ENJOY™ is a real-time marketing solution that combines Mobile Messaging and Self-Serve Technologies to deepen the engagement between retailers and customers to grow sales and profits.

- JUST ENJOY™ leverages the timeliness, portability and focus of Mobile Messaging and extends its effect by empowering users to customize and control the speed and pace of their retail experience. 

- Customers can immediately act on the offers and messages they receive and have the ability to share with friends by leveraging their social networks, pre-order their favorites and/or pre-pay if time is a factor… all by using their mobile phone.

- The result is an opportunity for retailers to influence their customers at the right time and the right place so customers can “Just Enjoy” the brand experience.

JUST ENJOY™ empowers clients in food service, hospitality, and gaming:

- Initiate and Deliver timely mobile marketing messages to their customers and prospects for immediate response and sales - Facilitate customer mobile ordering and electronic payments for food, products, and services - Utilize GPS Customer Tracking for Just-In-Time™ take-out/pick-up, delivery, or dine-in - Enable customers to review the menu, descriptions, pricing - all customized to the restaurant’s brand - Empower customers to locate restaurants via GPS - Allow customer the use of social sites to leverage viral marketing

For more information, please visit www.JustEnjoy.com [2].

Corporate Offices: Just Enjoy, LLC, 1300 South Bristol Street, Santa Ana, CA 92704

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