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Website: http://www.kony.com


About Kony

Kony [1] was formed in 2007 around the vision that mobile devices and their capabilities will continue to grow at a rapid rate and be the key drivers in the next revolution in customer interaction. Our mission is to develop the technologies and applications to facilitate and accelerate customer engagement at any point and time via any mobile operating system.

Customer centric enterprises that need mobile presence and commerce turn to Kony mobile applications platform with Write Once, Run Everywhere technology [2]. Delivering on the vision of one mobile platform, many mobile applications, on all types of mobile devices and channels, the Kony Mobile Application Platform[3] uses a single-code base to develop mobile applications that run faster, better and with lower total cost of ownership.

Our technology optimizes the functions and user experience of each device's native capabilities to deliver a differentiated, hosted, and managed mobile solution. Kony’s comprehensive mobile offering, from identifying an enterprise’s mobile opportunities, through application development, to hosting the mobile services and ongoing support, removes the complexity and cost of mobile programs. Headquartered in Orlando, FL., Kony also provides pre-built vertical applications, which are customizable and ready to be deployed, hosted and managed via Kony 360 services.

Technology & Products

Kony Mobile Application Platform

The Kony Mobile Application Platform is the most powerful, most flexible, most scalable technology for developing and running mobile applications. The Kony platform takes the cost and complexity out of building, maintaining and deploying mobile applications and lets you reach the widest possible range of users, across all mobile channels and operating systems.

Based on our proven Write Once, Run Everywhere technology, the Kony Mobile Application Platform powers the rapid development of mobile applications using a super-set of mobile capabilities that are optimized for each mobile device, unlike most other vendors that “dumb down” their mobile offerings to the lowest common denominator. Kony enables a mobile application to be developed once, and then immediately deployed to the most popular types of devices today like iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Android, Symbian, Palm, and next generation devices of tomorrow.

Kony Extensible Clients

Supporting the need for anytime, anywhere customer interaction, Kony Extensible Clients provide mobile and PC users with a variety of channels optimized for their device choice and situation. This unique, integrated offering ensures that customers are able to access information and transact commerce regardless of the type of mobile or connected device they choose to use at any time. Unlike most other vendors who focus on just providing some form of a one-dimensional mobile application, Kony provides extensible clients of various interaction types all designed and operating as part of a single application design or code base. The various types of extensible clients available from the Kony platform include:

o Rich on-device mobile applications for all popular devices that take full advantage of the extensive features of the phone, such as GPS, camera, Bluetooth, and contacts

o Device-optimized mobile websites capable of maintaining the same quality, brand image and functionality as your primary website, dynamically optimized for thousands of brands and models of mobile phones

o SMS/MMS services services able to deliver two-way interaction using proactive and reactive content with any type of mobile device. These services can comprise of simple text content or rich multimedia content (e.g., photo, video)

o Web Gadgets enabling powerful interaction with customers when using their personal computers. Light-weight and unobtrusive, these clients enable real-time delivery of valuable content and offers

o Tablets take advantage of a larger screen and optimize the unique tools tablets have to offer, providing richer applications for your employees as well as your customers

Mobile Applications

Using the Kony Mobile Application Platform, we are able to provide pre-built vertical applications rapidly. Our Write Once, Run Everywhere technology enables the largest companies to deploy rich mobile functionality across virtually all types of mobile phones. Currently, we offer the following “out of the box” solutions, with many more coming soon.

- Kony Mobile Airlines, Hotels, & Car Rentals[4]

- Kony Mobile Retail[5]

- Kony Mobile Insurance[6]

- Kony Mobile Media

- Kony Mobile Automotive [7]

- Kony Mobile Banking [8]

Managed and Hosted Services

Kony 360 Services

Providing a mobile solution that is both complete and hassle-free, Kony delivers its products with end-to-end managed and hosted services, which includes:

o On-device mobile applications, mobile websites, and extensible clients

o Quick-start bundle of services to handle configuration, branding and deployment of your mobile offering

o Secure and redundant hosting of mobile servers ensuring 99.9% availability even during high peak demand periods

o 24/7 performance monitoring for any unexpected irregularities or loads

o Regular updates at no additional charge to incorporate new devices and ensure that all manufacturer updates are maintained to maximize performance

o On-demand and scheduled reporting for insight to the volume and behavioral use of the mobile applications and websites

o Multiple tiers of customer support to ensure positive customer experiences and quick problem resolution.

News and Alerts

Press Releases
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Office Locations


Kony, Inc. United States Headquarters 7380 West Sand Lake Road #390 Orlando, Florida 32819 Tel: +1-321-293-KONY (5669) Fax: +1-321-293-0161

Kony, Inc. 1825 S. Grant Street, Suite 450 San Mateo, CA 94402 Tel: +1-650-645-2200 Fax: +1-650-645-2201


Kony, Inc. Unit 501, 9th Floor, Building No. 9, Mindspace, APIIC Software Layout, Hitech City, Madhapur, Hyderabad, AP 500081. Tel: +91-40-2311-9200 Fax: +91-40-2311-9182

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