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LINK mobility

LINK Mobility is one of the leading suppliers of e-solutions for mobile marketing, mobile portals and messaging services via SMS, MMS, e-mail, voice and fax in the Nordic countries.

LINK Mobility's services

LINK can help you with all aspects of mobile marketing and mobile CRM. We provide you with comprehensive solutions for everything from SMS text messaging services for inboxes to conveying your information via attractive mobile portals. Our messaging services constitute the final step in CRM strategies, namely, conducting personal end-customer dialogues with a growing customer club. Our motto is: "We make everything on the Internet available via mobile phones." We develop the software ourselves, which is licensed to our customers within the private and public sectors.

Our business areas

  • Mobile marketing
  • Messaging services
  • Mobile portals and applications (info)
  • SMS services (info)
  • MMS services (info)
  • Fax services (info)
  • E-mail services (info)
  • Mass communications
  • Mobile customer clubs/loyalty programmes

Our solutions feature high user-friendliness, and through our simple web interfaces, you can activate and administer your selected services. We host all services, with support and guaranteed up-time, eliminating the need for local installations.

LINK Mobility is a member of MORGAN - the industry organ of the Swedish mobile service industry.

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