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Founded in 1999, LTU technologies is a global pioneer in the field of image recognition for commercial and government solutions. The company provides technologies for image matching, similarity and color search for integration into applications for mobile, media intelligence and advertisement tracking, ecommerce and stock photography, brand and copyright protection, law enforcement and more. Its newly launched pixlinQ family brings mobile visual search capabilities to the mainstream.


Image Recognition

LTU engine

The Global Standard for Image Recognition and Search

LTU engine combines LTU technologies' image recognition and search functionalities into one comprehensive software platform, designed to automate, reduce and simplify manual processes involving searching, matching, filtering and the deduplication of visual content. More info: LTU engine

LTU engine is also available as a hosted platform - LTU engine/ON demand. The software model that fits your business best depends on the complexity of your system, image volume and expected search activity.

Mobile Visual Search


Mobile Visual Search Made Easy.

LTU technologies’ image matching technology is optimized for mobile solutions and applications, offering tools that enable fast and accurate matching of offline and digital content. More info: pixlinQ

What is Mobile Visual Search: Mobile visual search has proven an excellent alternative or addition to the use of QR and 2D codes. From a simple snapshot of an ad, catalog, poster, in-store display, or product packaging, brands can automatically deliver targeted content such as product information, mCommerce options, coupons, videos and more to users on their mobile devices.

With different levels of integration, pixlinQ mobile visual search makes it possible for any organization to add the functionality to their mobile applications regardless of budget and technical resources.

Why pixlinQ:

  • No need to add 2D codes, tags or digital watermarks to printed content.
  • Works great from a distance and when parts of visuals are covered.
  • Works with all mobile platforms as well email/MMS.
  • Multiple integration options enable easy integration and management of campaigns.
  • Detailed logs and statistics offered for all pixlinQ activity.
  • Self-learn functionality and Quality Assurance services available.

120px-Mobile ad.jpg 120px-Mobile catalog.jpg 120px-Mobile wine.jpg

Advertising & Brand Marketing: Increase return on investment by linking print advertisements, billboards, posters etc. with targeted and relevant digital content.

Publications: Allow readers to easily access related digital content and bookmark and share articles while offering advertisers an interactive messaging platform and better measurement metrics.

Retail: Bridge the gap between offline and online shopping by providing access to product information, video, m-commerce, coupons...

Culture & Entertainment: Engage consumers with easy access to information about paintings and artifacts, artists, landmarks and scheduled events through the mobile device.

LTU in action: La Redoute iPhone Shopping App

La Redoute, one of the largest multi-channel retailers in Europe, has integrated mobile visual search from LTU technologies for a new feature for the iPhone application - 'Pix&Find'. The new feature allows shoppers to snap a photo of any La Redoute catalog page item to instantly get more details and add it to their shopping cart from the iPhone.

The new ‘Pix&Find' feature is the first and only one of its kind that merges the offline catalog shopping and the online shopping experience using image recognition software from LTU technologies. With the La Redoute application, users take a photo of an item in the printed catalog. The photo is then analyzed by LTU technologies’ image recognition technology and matched against La Redoute’s merchandise. When there is a match, users will instantly get details about colors and sizes available and can purchase the item directly from the phone.

[La Redoute App]

LTU in action: Collectrium

Collectrium offers an art recognition app, ArtCapture - powered by LTU technologies' mobile visual search- pixlinQ. ArtCapture bridges the gap between offline and digital content by using an image taken with the phone, indexing it and matching it against an expansive online database of more than 2 million items.

Users can simply point and tap to get more information about a given object such as paintings from large museums, art fairs, movie posters, DVD/CD covers and more. Whether at an art gallery, an art fair, a museum, or even on the street - snap an image of the art piece, add your notes and ArtCapture will store it for you. Mark your favorite pieces and share them with friends on Facebook or Twitter. ArtCapture also comes with a Collectrium web account where you can manage your own art collection, and then access it instantly on your iPhone.

[ArtCapture app]

LTU in action: Shopgate

Shopgate offers innovative mobile commerce solutions to both shoppers and merchants. For shoppers, the company provides a simple and convenient way to buy books, electronics, fashion and millions of items directly from their mobile devices. For merchants, Shopgate offers participation in the popular Shopgate marketplace, an online library of products and product catalogs for members. Merchants may also opt to build customized Shopgate smartphone applications.

Among the advanced technologies deployed by Shopgate, image recognition from LTU technologies allows buyers to identify a product simply by taking a photo of the catalog or advertisement page, and turn it into a point of sale.

[Shopgate app]

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