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The Importance of Lead Nurturing Software/Lead Nurturing

Marketing is often focused on running campaigns, and collecting and passing on leads to the Sales team. Sales however, might not be able to effectively convert many of these leads, because they are probably not ready to buy.

Sales might lose interest in the lead due to lack of progress, while Marketing might lose sight of and not follow up on the leads as they have already identified and handed them over to Sales. This inevitably results in leakage of good prospective leads on account of lack of sustained interaction with the lead and collaboration between internal teams.

In such a scenario, a robust Lead Nurturing program is of critical importance to enterprises. Lead Nurturing aims at building a long term relationship with prospects through a consistent and meaningful dialog between the marketer and the prospect throughout the sales cycle.

Improve Conversion Rates with Automated Lead Nurturing Process


With LeadFormix's patented data mining and business intelligence technology, marketers can now

- Better understand the intent of the leads, and where the leads are in their purchasing cycle - Classify the leads on the basis of sales readiness - Pass on hot leads to Sales enabling them to reach prospects who are ready to buy now, with a relevant solution - Focus on nurturing leads, who have shown an interest but are not yet sales ready - Nurture leads by informing and educating them with relevant information - Run personalized and intent driven lead nurturing campaigns using EmailForce1, the sophisticated email marketing solution

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