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'The Mobile Marketing Group

The Mobile Marketing Group (MMG) is a global billing and communications company. It is one of the largest providers of Micro-Billing and Micro-Payments solutions and it also provides Communications and Mobile Enablement services which include Mobile Marketing, Mobile Business Applications and Mobile Entertainment content and services.

These services are used by some of the leading brands across the globe in the Media, Web, Dating and Social Networking, Classified Advertising, IPTV and Mobile Content sectors. The Mobile Marketing Group's Micro-Billing solutions range from simple plug-and-play applications to fully integrated payment services. The Mobile Marketing Group also provides Wholesale Micro-Billing for companies that have their own payment applications and simply want to plug into The Mobile Marketing Groups Global Network.

If you are taking your first step into mobile or have already integrated mobile into your business, The Mobile Marketing Group can provide an extensive range of mobile solutions for your organisation.

Whatever your mobile requirements The Mobile Marketing Group can provide a solution, whether you are looking for a simple broadcast text service, a platform to run mobile advertising campaigns or a tailored business solution specific to your business requirements.

The Mobile Marketing Group is a Member of The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA)

Bulk Text and SMS Services Text messaging continues to be an extremely popular method of communication, as direct messaging to consumers offers unparalleled response and a cost effective way of communicating with consumers.

The Mobile Marketing Group's platform enables you to send text or binary messages to single or multiple handsets. These can be sent immediately, or can be scheduled. When required, lists can be screened against specific criteria before messages are sent. Dynamic headers can be used to personalise messages, and numbers can be embedded allowing the recipient to respond immediately.

WAP messages can be sent with a unique WAP string to identify users. Detailed online reports give real-time information on the status of all messages sent as they pass through the networks. There are numerous applications for Broadcast SMS.

The Mobile Marketing Group is connected to 700 carriers globally

Services Include

Broadcast/Outbound SMS Mobile Marketing 2 Way SMS Campaigns for instant end user response Bar Coding/Vouchering Call Centre Applications Booking and Transaction Confirmations Appointment Reminders Alerts and Notifications Machine2Machine Applications such as Telemetry or Telematics Applications Internal staff communications including remote and mobile staff Business continuity and disaster recovery applications Security and fraud applications such as SMS authentication.

MMS Solutions

Today’s handsets now allow multimedia messaging to be both sent and received by consumers. From full-colour branded static messages to 10-second video clips. MMS offers huge potential to any business looking for ways of improving their business communications. Until recently MMS often seemed a difficult method of communication, fraught with the idiosyncrasies of a wide variety of handsets and prone to less-than-satisfactory execution. No longer!

The technology within MMG’s state of the art messaging platform changes all that. Not only is the screen specification of every new handset built in; the MMG platform allows the user to pinpoint the hotspot of interest in each image quickly and simply. This means that the MMG platform individually recognizes each handset and its relevant hotspot. Whether the handset is receiving a complex branded message or a short video clip, the quality of the content is optimized to the individual handset presenting your brand in the best way possible. The user's experience thus improves enormously.

The MMG' platform is designed to handle high volumes and multiple campaigns. Our Direct MMS delivery system can be more cost-effective than using the mobile network operators’ own systems. With large-scale and multiple campaigns that really adds up!

Location-based Services

The MMG Platform allows mobile device locations to be pinpointed via GPS anywhere in the UK. Our unique platform is able to provide the information in the context of district, postcode or landmark, which is very useful if you need to find the nearest branch of an office or retail outlet, the location of a driver, vehicle or goods in transit, or work with the emergency services.

Location-based services from MMG can place mobile devices -- and thereby businesses, services and personnel -- on the map, and in a real context. If your business needs to be found then contact us and one of our experienced team of communications business managers will explain how Mobile Marketing Group’s Communications can put your business on the map.

Voting and Feedback Consumers across the world love to voice their opinions. Premium Rate vote lines allow customers to make a simple call to express their views. This is often run in conjunction with Premium SMS. Voting has been adopted the world over by media companies seeking feedback on editorial items, or for television viewers to cast votes to determine the outcome of reality shows.

Setting up such services on the MMG platform is a simple process, completed in minutes. It keeps your customers interested in your content, and your business generates additional revenue while they participate.

Micro-Billing and Micro-Payments

MMG is one of the largest global providers of Micro-Billing and Micro-Payments systems. Micro-Billing allows you to offer payment alternatives to consumers who do not want to, or cannot use credit cards.

Whether you are a media owner or have a mobile internet or web site offering anything from dating, social networking and music, to games, software and community membership, Micro-Billing should be a critical part of any E-Commerce offering for content and digital publishers.

Mobile Marketing Group makes it easy to generate new customers and new revenue streams by offering:

Global coverage with Premium Billing in over 110 countries (International voice billing in over 200 countries) Simple APIs to connect into MMG’s payment gateways Support from a Reseller network for custom integration and a wide variety of payment systems to meet your requirements Systems that are easy and intuitive for your customers to use 24/7 technical support and local customer service

Premium SMS Services and Products Payment

This is a simple way for consumers to pay for services and products via their mobile handsets. There is no need for time consuming registration or potentially unsafe credit card details being given; consumers are simply charged for sending and receiving a premium text message.

MMG’s detailed online reporting system allows MMG customers to track and analyze consumer usage and buying habits. Used in conjunction with Premium Rate Voice services it is an easy and effective method of revenue generation.

Implementing Premium SMS on the MMG’s platform takes a matter of minutes, meaning that MMG customers can very quickly get more services up and running in response to end user demand.

MMG handles millions of messages on its global network and would be very happy to talk to you about how premium SMS could generate revenue for you.

Visit for more information.

SMS Short Codes

Five-digit SMS Short Codes have proven to be a huge marketing success over the past few years thanks to their memorability and convenience. SMS Short Codes have been widely used on print advertising, TV and radio advertising, on marketing promotional literature, on-pack marketing and on outdoor advertising.

In the UK Short Codes are common to all major UK mobile phone operators, i.e. one short code can be used cross network. SMS Short Codes have many uses including enabling consumers to:

Respond to a promotion or offer Request more information to be sent to their mobile phone Register interest for a promotion or event Request a call-back Receive a mobile coupon or discount voucher Make a mobile SMS donation to charity Register a vote or take part in a poll / survey Receive a link to a mobile website

Typically the consumer sending an SMS to a Short Code pays a cost to send the SMS. However, now Free SMS is also available to help brands maximize their response to a campaign. This is the SMS equivalent of free phone. Sending the SMS to respond to any given offer is free to the end user and is paid for by the brand, thereby encouraging greater response.

SMS Short Codes have a number of advantages over traditional advertising and marketing methods:

SMS Short Codes are more memorable than long phone numbers and web sites SMS Short Codes can be instantly responded to at point of sale or whilst mobile SMS Short Codes can be responded to 24/7, when your call centre or retail outlet is closed SMS Short Codes are convenient and easy for consumers to use SMS and mobile is widely used by consumers with 88% of the UK adult population having access to a mobile phone Campaigns using SMS Short Codes can be measured accurately and immediately Campaigns using SMS Short Codes allow you to capture consumer data including the customer’s mobile number for future permission-based marketing campaigns Short Codes can also be used for MMS, Voice and Video services.

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