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Address: madvertise Mobile Advertising GmbH - Oranienplatz 2 - 10999 Berlin - Germany

Website: madvertise Website

Email: General Information

Company Profile

madvertise (madvertise Mobile Advertising GmbH) is the fast growing mobile advertising marketplace in the German-speaking markets (Germany, Austria, Switzerland). Headquartered in Berlin, our mission is to make a fast, efficient, and transparent connection between advertisers and mobile publishers. By accessing our comprehensive mobile-only quality ad network, advertisers have the capabilities to carefully target their audience. On the other side, mobile site owners and mobile application developers, by joining our network, have the best resources to monetize their content.

Mobile ad campaigns and mobile content are brought together via the marketplace, specifically designed for this purpose by the madvertise experts. The marketplace can be accessed via and empowers advertisers to single-handedly run highly targeted campaigns, in an intuitive and transparent way. The detailed targeting options comprise demographic data, a wide range of content topics, defined handset models, operating systems, time, geographic location, frequency capping, as well as access technology. In-depth analysis and reporting tools allow for real-time insights into and adjustments of progress and success of mobile advertising campaigns. With the help of the “madvertise iPhone KatAPPult” service, developers have the guarantee to catapult their iPhone application among the top 25 Apple App Store rankings within their respective category and country, by that maximizing download and monetization potentialities. In addition, madvertise is Germany's first mobile advertising network offering location-based advertising specifically applied to cities, regions and federal states.

Around the founders Carsten Frien, Pan Katsukis, Thomas Hille, Martin Karlsch and Team Europe Ventures our dynamic team grows steadily with more and more technology, sales, and advertising experts. With always an ear on the market, we anticipate industry forecasts which state that the global market for mobile marketing will double within the next two years. Based on this great perspective, madvertise is funded by Team Europe Ventures as well as renowned business angels from agencies, media and internet companies.

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madvertise is a dynamic mobile advertising startup in one of the fastest growing businesses - the mobile world.

The company is hiring: career site

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