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MobFox Contact

Address: Zieglergasse 2 1130 Vienna, Austria

Website: MobFox Homepage

Phone: +43 (0) 1-9110-1010

Email: MobFox Support

About MobFox

MobFox is one of europe's leading independent mobile advertising networks. The MobFox advertising platform enables brand advertisers to communicate their message in an array of innovative ad formats to a unique mobile audience, developers to gain revenue by placing advertisements in their applications and website, and consumers to use high qualitative mobile applications for free. MobFox delivers the best engagement for advertisers, the maximum revenue for developers & publishers, and the best advertising experience for mobile users from all over the world.

Products and Services


Mobfox:reAd is a special advertising format which has been specially developed for in-app advertisements. The interactive, HTML5 based advertisements run on most smartphone platforms like iPhone, Android and Blackberry and allow advertisers to embed video, music, slideshows, coupons, forms and social elements.


Mobfox ecpmcontrol.png

MobFox eCPMcontrol is a brand new, groundbraking feature which allows publishers to set a minimum price for the advertisements that are displayed in their mobile applications. Developers can set a minimum price they would like to be paid whenever an ad is displayed in their mobile application. If MobFox has an ad that meets or exceeds the developers minimum price, an ad is shown. And if MobFox doesn't have an ad that pays the price the developer wants - he can just request an ad from another ad network like iAds or AdMob.

Website: eCPMcontrol Homepage

MobFox Self-Serve Ad Network

The MobFox ad platform also features a self-serve ad network that is designed for massive reach with all of the targeting as the Premium Ad Network on a blind content buying basis.

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