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MobiTrust is an anti-theft and authentication technology that determines whether a packaged pharmaceutical has been in a controlled chain of possession and stored under the correct conditions. MobiTrust also provides law enforcement agencies with a tool to immediately determine if any packaged drug product has been reported stolen. Additionally, MobiTrust offers consumer-direct warning and marketing communications channels.

MobiTrust requires no specialized equipment on the part of the manufacturer, distributor, consumer or law enforcement agency. A camera-enabled cell phone is all that is required for immediate verification. The MobiTrust system is multi-tiered, secure and redundant, and uses some of the same authentication principles that the U.S. Treasury applies to currency.

The MobiTrust system uses tamper-proof, coded labels that are affixed to packaging during manufacturing. Unlike other systems, MobiTrust labels are designed to be photographed by low resolution, non-macro camera phones. Codes on these labels carry links to vital information, such as a guarantee of original manufacture, the geographic location of the facility where the product was made, quality control, and supply chain tracking details.

By using an ordinary cell phone with a camera and email or SMS text messaging capability, the consumer, pharmacist or law enforcement agent can either take a photo of the special MobiTrust label and send it to the MobiTrust website, or simply text the numerical codes on the label to MobiTrust. The sender receives an immediate reply that provides information about the product’s source and status. In the event that a product has been stolen or a label has been tampered with, MobiTrust warns the consumer. MobiTrust also determines the primary language of the country of request and responds in that language.

MobiTrust can also attach brand-promoting informational messages for marketing purposes. This feature can be expanded upon to add value for manufacturers, distributors and pharmacies.

Low Cost of Entry

The cost of entry and follow-up costs for MobiTrust are also simple and economical.

- The consumer pays nothing (above their own cell phone charges).

- The manufacturer pays an annual subscription fee to MobiTrust and purchases MobiTrust labels. Depending on volume, MobiTrust labels can be purchased at a fraction of cent.

- The manufacturer that subscribes to MobiTrust pays a transaction fee based on the number of consumer interactions, notices, or marketing messages issued.

- MobiTrust tracks all interactions and provides detailed records and billing services.

Advantages of MobiTrust

- The MobiTrust service provides chain of possession tracking and consumer communications.

- Manufacturers can track consumer usage of the MobiTrust service, and also reach out to consumers with a variety of marketing messages.

- No specialized equipment is required, from manufacturer to consumer.

- MobiTrust labels are designed to be photographed by low-resolution, non-macro camera phones.

On the Go

- Anyone can check information about the product via their phone, wherever they are. No computer or internet connection is required.

- If desired, consumers can also use a home computer to check product status on the MobiTrust website.

International and Multilingual

- MobiTrust works worldwide with any carrier that offers SMS or MMS messaging.

- MobiTrust responses are returned in the primary language of the country of request.

Quality Systems and Components

- MobiTrust Labels are produced in partnership with WS Packaging, are tamper-proof and contain multiple physical and electronic security features. MobiTrust labels conform to GS1 International Standards in cooperation with ISO.

- MobiTrust works across all carriers and all camera cell phones, and requires no apps or software downloads.

- MobiTrust utilizes Mobius© image recognition software, which is also used in MobiLux, MobiShades, MobiBiz, MobiPet and other globally available mobile applications for enterprises ranging from advertising to food security.

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