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“First in Interactive Mobile Websites & Directories”


Address: 7047 E Greenway Pkwy Suite 180, Scottsdale, Arizona 85254

Website: MobiWeb

Phone: +1.602.820.1300


About MobiWeb

Founded in 2000, MobiWeb is an established Mobile Marketing Company that partners with organizations worldwide who are challenged with engaging audiences or buyers using mobile internet devices. By solving mobile website engagement failure, MobiWeb creates custom ‘made for mobile’ websites that are not only economical, but help you:

• Get found faster and connect to audiences quicker on web-enabled mobile devices

• Engage target audiences with an easy to read, easy to navigate interactive mobile website platform

• Generate more revenue via targeted mobile advertising through coupons, specials, promotions, and easy mobile commerce transactions

• Create a positive brand experience with your target audience on the mobile internet

Businesses and entrepreneurs work with MobiWeb when confronted with the following issues:

• Low ranking in mobile search results

• Users having difficulty accessing, reading, or navigating the ‘primary’ website from a web-enabled mobile device.

• Incapacity to reach all web-enabled mobile operating devices ( iPhone; Android, Blackberry, with a mobile website and/or ad/promotional campaign

• Costly mobile marketing initiatives that aren’t meeting promised results of attracting & engaging mobile internet users worldwide

• Ability to target the right audience at the right time

• Long wait times to develop and launch ‘short-term’ mobile ad/promotional campaigns

• Mobile users unable to reach a company representative easily

• Inability for mobile users to access important customer surveys & provide feedback

• Monetize and drive revenue

• Finding mobile marketing expertise that can design & execute a proven ‘user-friendly’ mobile experience for target audiences

MobiWeb is Not an App

MobiWeb custom designs mini-websites that are server-based and can be easily accessed from either a PC or a mobile phone. Apps can’t reach PC’s and are restricted to specific mobile operating systems. MobiWeb’s browser platform allows you to reach critical mass faster, regardless of cell phone operating system, and engage with your target market quickly.

Perfect for Short-Term Ad & Promotional Campaigns

MobiWeb can attach to your primary website, or can be used as a solo website. It’s perfect for businesses that require a quick-turnaround for short-term mobile marketing campaigns. Compared to an App, MobiWeb® is less expensive, faster and easier to build, and can be completely customized to your target market.

Custom Services that Attract, Engage, and Retain


Mobile Marketing Strategy Development with in-house marketing professionals who have over 10 years concentrated expertise optimizing the mobile internet user experience

Automatic MobiDirectory® Listing MobiDirectory for maximum search engine optimization


Social Media Applications that let you easily ‘share’ your MobiWeb® site with your social network, link to your social networking profiles, and promote your ‘blog’.

Location-Based Mobile Marketing that helps you connect to your audience with real-time information -- anywhere, anytime

Mobile Advertising and monetization through banner ads, coupons, promotions, SMS, and specials

Mobile Commerce with easy, secure one-click credit card transactions


Customer Surveys to gather important customer feedback and validation while they’re on the move

Customer Only Advertising Specials that keep customers loyal to your brand.

Three Mobile ‘Interactive’ Website Options

1. ‘Personal’ Mobile Website – Great for solo entrepreneurs, entertainers, celebrities, public service officials, or sports personalities. Use as a personal profile, networking site or to promote your personal ‘blog’.


2. Business ‘Semi-Custom’ Mobile Website – Perfect for small businesses with select products and services, or non-profit and charitable organizations.

Business Semi-Custom

3. Business ‘Custom’ Mobile Website – Best for medium to large businesses with global reach and/or a broad variety of products and services.

Business Custom


"MobiWeb is convenient and offers great value for consumers shopping near us. We're loading it with coupons, discounts and event information.”

Randy Luethye Owner, Light Rail Directory

"I use MobiWeb as my main Web site and it's a great way to stay in touch with my fans and have my music rated!"

Whitney Steele Musical Artist