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Mobile Marketing Is Smart Marketing

If I were to ask you "What are three things a business needs?"... how would you answer? Well you'd probably first have to know what type of business it is, but what are the three things ANY business needs? Well, the answer is 1.New customers 2. To be able to retain current customers and 3. Increased purchases from their customers. Mobile marketing can make all three happen because it's the most effective way to promote your business to the growing number of cell phone users AND it engages your customers-which is more than what traditional forms of marketing (print/tv/radio/websites) can do. But, hold on because the traditional forms of marketing can work with mobile fact mobile marketing makes traditional marketing mediums work even better!

Mobile Text Advertising Is Fast & Easy!

So, How Does Mobile Marketing Work? When a company decides to set up a text messaging ad campaign, they must keep in mind that you start with a clean slate at ZERO! A lot of business owners think that you have to build a list of cell phone numbers first and then start sending out mobile text messages....NOT! This is very uncool and could land you in trouble with the FCC cause this is considered spamming! Anyway, a successful mobile text advertising campaign is "marketed first" and then the customer "opts-in" to the campaign..clean, quick and simple, right? There's a strategy to use as you begin a mobile text campaign and it's based on two very simple steps. First, create brief "to-the-point" content where you're offering something of value to the customer like a coupon, product update, or joining a customer VIP club.. or some type of message that creates a "buzz" about your company's product or service. Then, you market that message "within" your existing marketing materials... and this is what builds your list of opt-in customers for any further mobile text campaigns that you set up in the future. So, keep in mind, it's the customer participating in your mobile ad campaign that gets them into your database and you're then able to send out future mobile text ads to this growing database of customers either weekly or bi-weekly!

Here's an example. Let's pretend you're a restaurant owner. First, you would come up with a message something like this:

."Did You Enjoy Dining With Us? Join Our VIP Customer Club Now To Receive Updates And Discounts On Our Dinner Specials!" Text DINE To 26583 And Get A 15% Discount On Your Next Appetizers!"

This promotional message would be displayed in various places around your restaurant, on the table as tabletop tents, on receipts, a flyer near the cash register or inserted in the menu and mentioned during your radio/print or tv commercial, even on your website..In otherwords...EVERYWHERE! Once the customer replies, you then send out a text "reply" message that the customer sees on their cell phone:

"Welcome To Joe's Supper Club. You Will Receive Updates O Our Weekly Specials And With This Message You Get 15% Off On Your Next Appetizers!"

As you can see, the possibilities are endless for your business and you can rapidly build your customer database by sending out text alerts, updates, mobile coupons, and text-to- win promos. Also, when done the right way, mobile text ad campaigns are a very cost-effective way to attract and retain customers, increase your company's sales and marketing bottom line thereby leaving your competition in the dust! With more cell & smart phone users than internet users and growing, mobile marketing is actually the hottest marketing strategy for businesses to use, not to mention the 90% "read rate" of mobile text messages compared to email and direct mail campaigns. Well, that's it in a nutshell folks! Are you now thinking of how you can get your mobile marketing message out to your customers! Let me know how it goes! is a mobile text advertising service for businesses to promote their products and services through mobile text message marketing. is headquartered in San Francisco, CA. For more information, we can be reached at 415-410-8969, Mon.-Fri. or at

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