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About Mobile Flow

Mobile Flow is a user-friendly platform that simplifies the process of creating, managing and deploying mobile marketing, mobile advertising and mobile commerce across all mobile channels.

What Is Mobile Flow

Mobile Flow is an end-to-end solution that makes it easy for you to create, deploy and manage mobile advertising, marketing and commerce across all mobile channels. Our library of mobile service templates is designed to get you started more quickly, deploying faster and managing more easily. Our operational management tools will ensure that you have full control over budgeting, deployment schedules and quality of service.

Enabling Technology

Mobile Flow's technology platform has been developed to support the entire process of creating, managing and deploying mobile services across all channels.

The toolkits that we provide to create your service are easy to use and enable to use just a single mobile channel of create services that cross several channels. You can also integrate your other marketing channels whether they are print, media or on-line.

We have also provided tools that make it easy to manage your services whilst you are developing, when you are testing them and once they are deployed. Deployment is fully automated and simply requires the touch of a button by which time you can be confident of the quality and manageability of your mobile service.

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