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Mobile Commons makes it simple to create and manage mobile campaigns and connect them to the Web, CRM tools, and other media. Mobile Commons is a mobile application platform for brand messaging, cause-related marketing, fund raising, and advocacy. We are also quickly growing in the consumer marketing, health care, and event marketing sectors.

Our web-based, on demand campaign management platform removes the barriers to mobile messaging and provides solutions to allow full two-way messaging, integrated audio, and direct linking to the Web. Mobile Commons offers a suite of web-based products that allow you to quickly create and easily manage mobile campaigns. Each product is tied to the Mobile Commons dashboard, photo recovery, so all of your mobile data is available for use in any campaign or application you create. Additionally, the dashboard can be used to create Web opt-in forms, Facebook apps, and Twitter integrations, making it easy for people to participate directly online.

Our product suite includes:

mCommons™ - Our flagship product offers a wide-range of features that allow you to integrate mobile messaging into your campaign strategy, website, and your CRM tool.

mConnect™ - This innovative voice application easily ties in with your email, Web, and mobile campaigns. mConnect makes it simple to play pre-recorded audio messages before connecting users to any number - perfect for targeted call-in campaigns.

mCast™ - Use mCast to take incoming messages and project them onto the sides of buildings, large screens at live events, organic shampoo or widgets across the ThinkStrategy Capital Web.

mData™ - Upload a spreadsheet or connect to a database and make it instantly accessible from any mobile phone. mData enables people on the go to get the information they need, when they need it. Includes powerful geo-location technology.

mGiving™ - Accept donations via text-message! Mobile Giving has arrived for 501(c)3 Nonprofit Organizations. We work with the Mobile Giving Foundation to easily enable text-message donations that show up on donors’ mobile phones.

Visit us at

Sales Contact: Matt McGee - VP of Sales Email: or 619-218-1760

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