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Mobilemo is a Mobile Web 2.0 platform that allows users to create and manage their own mobile sites. Mobilemo provides an excellent channel for individuals to connect with different people across the globe, and for businesses to implement innovative marketing strategies.

The Mobilemo platform has user-friendly tools and features that enable users to create mobile sites without the need for additional investment in hardware, software, and IT staff. Even those without programming knowledge will find it easy to navigate through Mobilemo's intuitive interface.

Mobilemo has 3 account types - MoBusiness, MoPlus, and MoPersonal.

MoBusiness At only $1 for the first month and $49.99/month afterwards, MoBusiness is a cost-effective mobile site marketing tool for businesses, NGOs, government bureaus, educational institutions, or any other group or individual that has mobile marketing needs.

MoPlus MoPlus is an enhanced version of MoBusiness, featuring customized database integration. MoPlus is best for businesses or services that publish real-time information such as cinemas, airlines, banks, transport companies, etc.

MoPersonal This FREE account is best for individuals who want to create their own mobile site and connect with all other mobile phone users worldwide. Users can easily upload and share files via mobile, as well as use the other mobile site tools for their own purposes.

MoBusiness Features

Mobile Site Tools

1. D.I.Y. (Do-it-Yourself Mobile Pages) - Create your own mobile pages with a choice of hundreds of colors and 4 type fonts optimized for the mobile phone. See changes instantaneously with the Preview engine.

2. Poll Creation - Create any kind of polls and invite your customers or audience to respond. See results instantly.

3. Guestbook - Create a guestbook for your customers and site visitors to sign in.

4. Form Creation - Create any kind of form - reservation, job application, report, etc. - with unlimited fields and build a database of information from customer or audience responses.

5. Twitter Feed - Have your customers view your Twitter updates on your mobile site with their phones. There is no need to log on to a computer or to leave your mobile site to see your updates.

6. Multimedia File Sharing - Share video, documents, sound clips, logos, images with your customers.

7. File backup with Mobile Access - Upload files to your Briefcase and access them anywhere and anyplace with your mobile phone.

8. Mobile Coupon - Available as an option for an additional US $20/ month. Run your own mobile coupon campaign. Track coupon redemptions in real time. No need to hire specialized marketing companies. No printing cost.

9. Database Integration (for MoPlus subscribers) - Customers can use your mobile site to track real-time information such as flight schedules, bank account balances, cinema schedules, account balances, transport schedules, and many more.

Platform as a Service

1. Unlimited Bandwidth - No fees for additional bandwidth. No limitation in pageviews. Unlimited Storage - Unlimited storage of mobile-friendly content. No additional fees for more storage.*

*Subject to no abuse policies. Storage of data shall be used for purposes of supporting a mobile site and not for archiving or any other purpose that would negatively affect the service of other MoBusiness subscribers.

2. Cloud Computing - No programming needed. No investment in hardware and software. No server to maintain. No IT person to hire.

3. Smart phone optimized - Formatted to fit the larger screens of the iPhone and Blackberry.

4. Fast Deployment - No-hassle service. No designer or programmer to hire. Create sites and manage marketing campaigns from your control panel.

5. Site Statistics - View your mobile site statistics and analyze results of your marketing campaign.

6. Customer Support - MoBusiness subscription includes customer support via email, live chat, or toll-free number.

Mobile Site Marketing and Distribution

1. Own Domain - Use your own domain name or your website domain with a mobile prefix (

2. Mobile Code - Each mobile site created through the Mobilemo platform will have its own QR code. When scanned with a code reader application from a camera phone, the QR code is decoded, and the site url appears, which can be accessed using the phone's web browser. The QR code can be placed in flyers, websites, billboards, blogs, etc. to inform viewers of your mobile site.

Revenue Tools

1. Mobile Ad Network Integration - Integrate your mobile site with major ad networks like Admob, Mojiva, Project Wonderful, etc. and earn revenues.

2. Own Ad Integration - Create your own ads and publish them on your mobile site.

Visit Mobilemo website [1] to learn more and to start creating a mobile site.

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