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About Myxer

Myxer Inc. is a mobile technology company allowing consumers simple access to free media content for their mobile phone regardless of mobile device, operating system or carrier. Myxer's media catalog contains over 7 million pieces of free and premium licensed content including music, apps, images, games and video all with absolutely no hidden costs or subscription fees. Over 45 million users have performed more than 2.3 billion cumulative downloads from Myxer. Myxer's mobile site is one of the top ten largest in the U.S., offering the world's most well-known brands unique mobile content opportunities to engage Myxer consumers. Myxer also allows its consumers to create, personalize and share content providing seamless integration from and with social networks such as Twitter and Facebook (where the company has just surpassed the 270 thousand "Likes" plateau).

Myxer was founded in 2005 with the goal of making the mobile content experience simple, fun, and free for consumers, content owners and advertisers:

  • Consumers are tapping into Myxer’s unparalleled collection of 7 million personalized ringtones, MP3 songs, apps, wallpapers, mobile videos, and games.
  • Content owners and partners are taking content they have on the Web, and through the use of the Myxer platform, making it mobile for their own audiences, as well as millions of others as part of the Myxer catalog.
  • Advertisers are working with Myxer to deliver unified ad campaigns on the Web and Mobile Web , and even more innovatively, incorporating their brand into ringtones, wallpapers, videos and other mobile content. Some of those brands include: Skittles, Orbit Gum, GEICO, McDonald’s, Ford, JCPenney, Converse, Adidas, Lowes, U.S. Marines, Jack in the Box, Bose, Rice A Roni, Toyota, Best Buy, Estee Lauder, VH1, CBS Television, and a host of others.

Myxer generates revenue primarily through selling digital advertising across its web and mobile web sites. Myxer employs a nationwide direct sales force that targets major brands and advertisers across a variety of vertical markets, including entertainment, automotive, apparel, electronics, and consumer goods. Myxer engages users in a unique fashion that spans the web, mobile web, and SMS channels as users discover content and then download it to their mobile device, allowing advertisements to be strategically presented to users throughout the entire “delivery path” of content to the phone.

Website Statistics

  • Myxer delivers over 88 million mobile downloads per month.
  • Myxer’s mobile web site receives over 13.2 million monthly unique visitors.
  • The web site receives another 3.7 million monthly unique visitors.
  • Myxer’s total user community stands at over 45 million users.
  • Myxer’s web and mobile web sites combined receive more than 612 million page views per month.

Advertising Solutions

Myxer’s primary value proposition to advertisers consists of its large, targetable audience and its unique style of engagement with users. Myxer delivers over one billion monthly ad impressions across its web and mobile web sites, and gives advertisers a variety of capabilities ranging from broad reach and high-impact placements to hyper-targeting based on demographic and psychographic characteristics. Myxer’s unique Web-To-Mobile engagement model, and the ability to integrate entertaining branded mobile content into an interactive campaign gives brands flexibility and choice in determining how to allocate campaign dollars and efforts between the web and mobile channels. For a full description of Myxer's advertising offerings, please contact

Usage Statistics – Mobile Web:

  • Monthly mobile uniques: 13.2 million
  • Monthly page views: 470 million
  • Average time on site: 11 minutes
  • Average page views per visit: 10

Usage Statistics – Web:

  • Monthly web uniques: 3.7 million
  • Monthly page views: 142 million
  • Average time on site: 12 minutes
  • Average page views per visit: 21.4

Audience Profile

  • 41% of users are 18-24
  • 82% of users are 13-34
  • 61% female, 39% male

Mobile Advertising

  • Mobile banners are targetable by age, gender, geography, content category, and mobile device.
  • Channel and Category sponsorships offer interest-based targeting and inclusion of themed content.
  • 40-character SMS (Text Message) display ads accompanying a user’s content download from the web.

Branded Channels

Myxer’s Branded Channels offer any advertiser or content owner the ability to deliver branded mobile content, such as ringtones, wallpapers, and video, from a fully-customized, branded channel that exists on both the web and mobile web. The Channel is hosted by Myxer, but can also be integrated within a brand’s own web and mobile web properties using skinned widgets that allow content to be displayed and downloaded from the brand site. Advertisers can engage users by driving traffic to any of these destinations through traditional online or mobile advertising, or using “off-web” promotional tools like branded SMS keywords that are hosted on either Myxer’s short code or the brand’s own short code.

Mobile Marketing

Myxer offers a comprehensive set of Mobile Marketing (Text Message) solutions for brands that are looking to reach users through the SMS medium, and to build a database of users that can be used in future remarketing efforts. Campaign types include Text-to-Win, Mobile Coupons, Interactive Trivia, Voting, Click-to-Call, and more. Myxer provides the ability to target these offers to its large web audience, relieving the brand from having to find another medium (print, TV, radio) and vendor to use in promoting these campaigns. Future remarketing campaigns targeted to the list of users who “opt in” to initial offers can go beyond simple SMS offers and into Myxer’s other advertising channels on the web and mobile web.

Web Display Advertising

  • High-visibility placements include Home Page Takeovers and Category Sponsorships for broad audience reach.
  • Custom-designed Channel and Category Sponsorships offer interest-based targeting and the ability to integrate campaign creative with themed downloadable content.
  • Traditional banners, rich media banners, and 10-15 second interstitial placements are targetable by age, gender, geography, content category, and mobile device characteristics.
  • Integration of branded mobile content into campaigns, and a full share of voice in the delivery path of content give a unique engagement proposition, as the user becomes actively involved in moving from content discovery on the web to consuming it on the mobile device.

Live Case Study

GEICO is currently utilizing Myxer as their 2011 mobile content distribution partner. Users on are offered branded ringtones and wallpapers available for download via integrated site widget, as well as custom-designed Branded Channel (located at

Additional Case Studies

Myxer: Mobile Reach and Branded Mobile Content Boost Favorability, Purchase Intent File:Myxer Case Study.pdf

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