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What is NS Basic/App Studio?

NS Basic/App Studio is a complete development environment for mobile devices. It can be programmed in JavaScript or BASIC. The BASIC language implements a large subset of Microsoft's Visual Basic, with extensions to create a complete development environment. NS Basic/App Studio BASIC is a full, modern implementation of BASIC, with proper subroutines, variant data types and no line numbers. Applications you create are freely distributable and are write-once, run anywhere. Lots of sample code is included. A 200 page Handbook is included in pdf form and will be available as a spiral bound hardcopy. The environment features a Visual Designer, which allows you to graphically lay out your objects and set their properties.

Who is NS BASIC/Corporation ?

NS BASIC was formed in 1993 to create applications for developers using hand held computers. The initial product, NS BASIC for the Newton, started shipping in 1994 and has consistently been one of the top selling packages on the Newton platform. The product has been continuously updated since its first release. In late 1997, NS BASIC released its next product, NewtCard, a product inspired by Apple's HyperCard application. NewtCard has probably garnered more "Best of" awards than any application produced for hand held computers. NS Basic/Newton and NewtCard are two of the three software products to garner a "First Class Award" from Mobile Computing. NS Basic/CE was first released in 1998. It has been continuously been enhanced and improved since that date. Apart from the free eMbedded tools from Microsoft, it is the most widely used dev tool for Windows CE. NS Basic/Palm was released in 2000 and has become the most popular non-C development tool for those devices. Over the years, NS BASIC Corporation has developed a large body of special expertise in creating development environments for hand sized computers. Combining effective user interfaces for small, pen based screens with efficient use of resources built into the ROM, NS BASIC's applications are surprisingly powerful, small, and easy to use. You can contact NS BASIC Corporation by email at info@nsbasic.com, phone at 1 888 NSBASIC (416 264-5999) or fax at 416 264-5888.

What sets NS Basic/App Studio apart from other similar tools?

NS Basic/App Studio is an easy to use IDE, featuring a subset of Visual Basic as its programming language.


NS Basic/App Studio is available at an introductory price of $99.95 USD directly from NS BASIC Corporation's website (regularly $149.95). Enterprise and Education Editions are also available for $449.95.

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