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About NeoMedia Technologies, Inc.


NeoMedia Technologies, Inc. (OTC BB: NEOM.OB) is a global provider of 2D mobile barcode technology and infrastructure solutions, harnessing the power of the mobile phone in a whole new way to transform traditional communications into a multi-media experience.

NeoMedia’s pioneering technology platform converts mobile devices with cameras into barcode scanners, enabling a range of practical and engaging applications including consumer oriented advertising, mobile ticketing and couponing, and business-to-business commercial track and trace solutions. NeoMedia offers its customers a comprehensive end-to-end mobile code solution.

NeoMedia’s product portfolio includes:

- Mobile barcode management & infrastructure solutions

- Barcode reader solutions

- Mobile Coupon & Affiliate Marketing

- Mobile Ticketing & POS Integration

- IP Licensing

Our Products

- NeoReaderTM: NeoReader is a free mobile application the bridges the digital and physical worlds. Users simply launch the NeoReader application on their mobile phone, scan the barcode and are linked directly to a specific web page. There they can access real-time product or service information, download content or complete a mobile commerce transaction. Any product, magazine/newspaper, retail display or billboard with a 1D or 2D code provides direct access to the multimedia capability of the mobile web…anytime, anywhere. Neoreader.png

- NeoSphereTM: The NeoSphere Code Management Platform provides a new and simple way for advertisers, publishers and media companies to use 2D barcodes and link them directly to the multimedia capability of the mobile Web in order to make any print or any static media (product package, advertisement, billboards, retail display, publication) immediately interactive, delivering a compelling brand experience that is targeted and measurable.


- EXIO II®: EXIO II is a multi-application smart scanner that has been designed to read and process two-dimensional (2D) symbologies such as Data Matrix codes from mobile phone displays as well as printed one-dimensional (1D) barcodes. Combining NeoMedia’s m-commerce services, the MSS Modular Solution Server, EXIO II is the complete solution to realize attractive and cost-effective ticketing and couponing programs around the mobile phone.


- XELIA®: XELIA is a compact size versatile scanner that reads 2D barcodes from mobile phone displays sent as text messages (SMS, MMS & EMS). XELIA automatically recognizes 2D barcodes, including Data Matrix and Aztec codes, from digital displays as well as printed one-dimensional (1D) barcodes rapidly and with extreme accuracy.


- Modular Solution Server (MSS): MSS supports 3rd party ticketing, coupon systems, and associated databases by enabling them to create 2D barcodes, send them as text messages to mobile phones, as well as define the redemption. If there are any components that are missing from existing mobile systems essential for the successful completion and fulfillment of mobile applications, NeoMedia’s MSS has it covered.

- Lavasphere®: According to a customer’s specific needs and requirements, NeoMedia can develop an individual custom-built Mobile Barcode Application that leverages the ability to read 1D & 2D barcodes with the built-in camera. The mobile phone is then used for example to “track and trace” data, products, and services – anytime, anywhere – but also for field force management, quality control, insurance damage or loss reporting. It can be used for many business applications, including: Track and trace of assets & services, Customer service, Field force management, Risk management, Quality control, Billing support, Data collection, Logistics, Price comparison, Content linking

- IP Licensing: NeoMedia is an innovative public company focused on delivering world-class technology solutions for the global mobile barcode industry. NeoMedia has been a pioneer in the mobile barcode field since the mid 1990s, and during that time has spearheaded the development of a robust IP portfolio that encompasses many preferred mobile barcode implementations. NeoMedia has led the development of open standards for the barcode ecosystem. The company has an IP portfolio currently consisting of over sixty (60) issued and pending patents. NeoMedia is willing and able to license its IP and platforms to the entire ecosystem to facilitate the growth of the mobile barcode ecosystem world-wide.

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