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Update: Nokia Interactive Advertising

Most of this page's content seems to be outdated - with Nokia's Navteq division assuming most of the Finnish Handset Co's mobile advertising activities

About Nokia Interactive Advertising

[Nokia Interactive Advertising][1] allows brands to create more valuable relationships with the world’s four billion mobile consumers. We offer more effective mobile advertising by matching brand objectives with consumer behaviour and their use of the mobile device. Advertising is available on a range of Nokia services that are embedded on millions of devices, as well as on some of the world’s biggest mobile publishers and operators.

In the U.S. Nokia represents some of the most valuable mobile internet properties including Sprint’s mobile inventory, as well as other premium publishers including the Hearst mobile properties, MTV, Associated Press and Fox.

Global Reach

Nokia is a global source for high-performing, premium mobile media. Nokia’s long and solid relationship with carriers such as Airtel and Sprint allows us to offer better effectiveness for brands through more targeted mobile media campaigns. And with Nokia’s focus on services, its access to the device and 36% market share, we are well positioned to deliver scalable campaigns for brands.

Hundreds of global brands work with Nokia to deliver award winning campaigns including Coca-Cola, Unilever, BMW, Dolce & Gabbana, Ford, Kraft and HP Compaq.

What Nokia offers Advertisers and Agencies

Nokia provides reach to more than 30% of active mobile internet users in the US, but what sets us apart is that we can tightly target our audience network; Nokia and Sprint have been working together on mobile advertising for over 3 years and have pioneered new ways to use the channel.

Advertising with Nokia Interactive Advertising have a range of targeting parameters including:

- Channel (automotive, news, travel, weather etc.) - Carrier (Sprint, ATT yellow pages) - Location and Designated Market Area (DMA) targeting - Demographic targeting (age, gender, HHI etc.) - Device specific targeting - Smartphone targeting including all major Smartphone types from Nokia to Blackberry and iPhone

Nokia services

With the launch of Ovi and Nokia services such as Music, Maps, Messaging, Games and Media, the range of options continue to expand.

Nokia’s strategy to provide its customers with relevant services that are easily accessible through the device have currently opened up options for brands including: - bookmarked in all new Nokia devices, is one of the most popular sites of the mobile web, and present on more than 300 million handsets around the globe.

Nokia Here and Now - a content-rich section of with continuously updated content related to Music, News, Entertainment and links to the best of the mobile web.

Nokia FM Radio - Pre-installed on all Nokia radio-capable devices, Nokia FM Radio makes it easy to find and save your favorite radio channels.

As well as offering brands a range of mobile advertising opportunities on some of the world’s most popular mobile internet sites, Nokia is now integrating selected brands into the device experience through offerings including in-application advertising, brand placement in the browser’s bookmark section, and device customization (see case studies).

Over 1 billion Nokia devices are in use, and 1.3 million are manufactured each day and as services and applications are bundled on these devices, more engaging mobile advertising opportunities are emerging.

Premium partners

Nokia has allied itself with some of the most famous names in media and can get your brand onto the mobile sites of media companies including RTL in Germany, News International, Trinity Mirror (including Mirror Mobile) and Reuters amongst others.

Case studies

Hyundai -

Dolce & Gabbana -

MTV About a girl -

Coca-Cola Zero case study (device customization) -

Unilever Seeda (device customization) -

Ford iKool -

Check out Nokia’s vision for the future of advertising at

Contact Information

Address: 1450 Broadway, New York, NY 10007. Tel: +1 (917)572-8478 Website: [2]

Sales contact email [3]

Nokia also has office in the U.K, Germany, India, Singapore and Brazil and offers mobile advertising in most regions please email for more info

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