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Offermobi Description

OfferMobi is the first USA-based mobile affiliate network. Our focus is on high quality mobile advertiser campaigns for mobile affiliates to promote on their mobile websites, in apps, in SMS messages, through ad buying on mobile ad networks or mobile ad exchanges.

OfferMobi was launched in April 2010 and within the first 90 days have grown their mobile affiliate base to over 1000 publishers. All campaigns that are available for affiliates to run are paid on a cost per action (CPA) basis and are either WAP enables mobile landing pages that collect lead gen information or are for Premium SMS offers.

OfferMobi also offers click-to-call campaigns where affiliates can place a specialized too free number in their ads that when clicked on by the end user initiates a call to an advertiser’s call center. The affiliate is paid on a metered call basis. OfferMobi also offers advertisers design, strategy consulting and mobile media buying services.

For mobile affiliates, OfferMobi offers the ability for them to monetize their website with targeted campaigns that pay out at the highest rates. OfferMobi also offers free training seminars to its affiliate partners.

For mobile Advertisers, OfferMobi can assist them in opening up a new channel of revenue based on performance. Instead of paying for blind impressions, Offermobi’s solution ties marketing campaigns to measurable results, thus providing a higher ROI for mobile campaigns through their cost-per-action model.

Contact Offermobi

Jimmy Chin, VP of Marketing and Operations


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