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OnGo Communications, LLC is a provider of SMS Marketing and Text Alert Delivery Services.

Promotional offerings include a variety of SMS Text Messaging Services, Mobile Marketing tools, WAP, and Text Advertising.

Text notification services include Emergency Text Alerts, General Broadcast Text Services, and Custom Text Delivery of Information.

OnGo can provide any level of support for your SMS Marketing - use a simple message delivery program or make your text promotions and other forms of text marketing interactive.

While the buzz tends to be for the mobile marketing applications our platform is also ideal for general text notification and especially for institutional and school emergency text alert requirements.

Message delivery can be achieved via SMS text message, voice to phone, e-mail, or any combination of the three.


OnGo programs can be managed in an easy to use and secure web based dashboard that allows instant creation of sms text promotions. Surveys, contests, sales, interactive marketing, etc. can all be done as an immediate response to the events and conditions that affect your business.

The dashboard includes a scheduling calendar that makes it easy to plan offers and promotions for the times that they will have the greatest impact.

Custom keywords for opt-in programs can be created on-the-fly and work for you to gather a viable and responsive group of loyal customers.

We also provide unlimited phone support and the dashboard report generator and in-box allow you to see what your members want and when they want it.

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