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We are passionate about the mobile Internet and provide global consumer panels for research agencies and the mobile industry.


What we do

Emerging Markets

Gain Access to The Next Billion Consumers

The next billion consumers in emerging markets are a key challenge and opportunity for consumer goods, financial services, and telecom companies. Yet market research professionals are finding it difficult to reach this new consumer group as traditional panels (online or offline) are scarce, expensive and slow.

On Device Research gives its clients the ability to gain survey data from these consumers in a quick, accurate, and cost effective manner. While desktop Internet penetration remains low in many emerging markets, there are now 5 billion mobile phones around the world and mobile Internet usage is becoming very prevalent. Our mobile Internet surveys allow researchers to gain the insights and opinions of the previously unconnected consumers in these countries.

We currently have consumer panels across Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Indonesia, Egypt, India, and China. We are adding new countries every month, and are able to build new panels in new geographies based on client requirements.

Contextual Research

Research in the right context

On Device Research adds a layer of context to understanding consumer behaviour. Our mobile surveys and diaries allow us to link time and location to attitudes and behaviour. Because our panellists carry their phones with them at all times, we can understand their daily habits, or measure the effectiveness of out-of-home media, or poll them at a very precise moment or place. Our technology tracks our respondents' location, and we generally receive responses within at most one hour from the survey going live.

We receive very positive feedback from our respondents, who find our mobile diaries and surveys to be fun, and not intrusive. Our respondents have the freedom to respond to our surveys on their mobile phones at any time, including during their commute, or while they are at home watching TV for example.


On Device Panels

On Device Panels contain profiled survey respondents, willing to answer surveys on their mobile phones

Target by:

  • Demographics (age, gender and income)
  • Mobile operator, device manufactures and operating system. E.g. iPhone, Android, etc.
  • Mobile content usage, e.g. Apps users, social networkers, maps, music, etc.

Geographical coverage:

  • All countries in Africa with large panels in Nigeria, Egypt, Kenya, and South Africa
  • All countries in Asia with large panels in China, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Thailand.
  • UK and US
  • Russia

Who is it for:

  • Market research professionals focusing on emerging markets
  • Market research professionals seeking time or location sensitive insight
  • Mobile industry professionals needing to understand the mobile consumer

On Device Out of Home Effectiveness

Mobile diaries to measure out of home advertising

On Device Research conducts mobile surveys and diaries with carefully selected panellists. The research tracks our panellists’ out of home media consumption and assesses the impact of the campaign on advertising effectiveness.

The research is non-intrusive and is designed to fit into our panellists’ daily lives. Panellists' feedback indicates that the surveys are fun and enjoyable.

Who is it for:

  • Outdoor media owners wanting to assess brand effectiveness.
  • Media Agencies and brands wanting to understand if outdoor advertising works.

On Device Answers

Surveys Product for All Connected Devices

On Device Answers gives you the ability to reach out, get feedback and retrieve insights almost instantly. It works on all web enabled devices; feature phones, smartphones and even PCs.


  • Single Answer, Multiple Answer, Rating Scales, Free Text
  • Unlimited questions and responses
  • Automatic Device, Mobile Operator and Country Identification
  • GPS-enabled to log location of respondents
  • Image-enabled to bring surveys to life
  • Easy self service interface for survey creation and data retrieval

Its Easy:

  • Create a survey through On Device Answers
  • Either:
  • Place survey link on mobile site or in app
  • Distribute via SMS (or Email) to customers
  • Ask for profiled respondents from the On Device Panel
  • Extract results in real time

Who is it for?

  • Mobile Publishers
  • Mobile Ad Networks
  • Media Companies
  • Mobile Advertising Companies
  • Market Research Professionals

Contact us

Please visit our website: ondeviceresearch.com and our SlideShare profile: slideshare.net/OnDevice

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